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 Hey loves. I am hoping on this month's monthly musing a little late. I am over here ready for all the fall comfort foods. 

1- Easiest Dinner You Make? Will you share the recipe?

Crockpot Chicken. Throw the chicken in the crockpot in the morning, it is ready in 4 to 8 hours depends on temp and how much you cook. Shredded and serve with tacos, nachos, add sauce for BBQ sandwiches, quesadilla's, etc. 

2- Crockpot? Instant Pot? or Both?

I only have a crockpot (ok well 2 crockpots). I had an instant pot but it broke in our move. I only ever really used it to hard boil eggs, and corn on the cob. I tried a bunch of different recipes with the instant pot and Brian wasn't a fan. 

3- Are you a member of a wholesale club?

Yes we belong to Costco. My parents belong to Bjs and my in laws to Sam's Club so we have access to all of them if we need it. 

4- Do you meal prep or menu plan? Do you follow any set themes?

Yes I menu plan every week. I don't meal prep to much. I do prep my fruit and veggies so they are ready to eat or cook, but don't pre-cook anything. 
Themes- Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, Thursday is normally leftovers, Friday is take out, Sunday we are trying family favorite comfort type food or something on the grill. 

5- Best dinner tips for busy nights?

Plan ahead and throw it in the crockpot

6- Do you use certain ingredients more in the fall?

All things pumpkin. Apples, spaghetti squash. We also do more crockpot meals and soups. 

7- Any back to school dinner traditions?

We let the kids pick what they want. Austin picked pizza this year and Ella skillet lasagna.

8- Do you own an air fryer?

Yes and we use it everyday. We no longer has a toaster and also use our air fryer as a toaster. 

9- Favorite grab and go items? homemade or store bought?

We will grab a rotisserie chicken and a salad mix. We also like orange chicken from Trader Joes that you can throw in the oven and steam-able broccoli. 

10- How many nights a week do you cook?

5 nights usually, 1 night we do take out and 1 night leftovers. 

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