Our week- the last week of summer

Hey loves. Guess what today is? My older two are finally going back to school. We are excited for all the things. I am excited for some one on one time with Anna again and more structure and routines. 

Monday August 15

Starting our day chalking. This girl would chalk everyday if we let her. She always asks right after it rains and everything is still wet. 

Ella had locker set-up. All her stuff is in the bad, plus a bookbag. They needed tissues, sanitizing wipes, locker decorations, paper and all the things. 

Now we struggled hard core with her locker. Out of 50 times we probably got it opened like 5. i am so proud of her for not getting frustrated. 

Afternoon workout done while the kids played in the basement. 

Ella rode her bike for the first time with a friend to the library. It turned out to a learning experience for everyone. Ella was told to be home by a certain time, her friend was now hanging out with another friend and didn't want to leave, Ella left and got lost finding her way home. She did find her way home at the same time I went out looking for her. There were lots of tears, lots of talking, disciplinary actions for the other girl who was suppose to help her home, some trust broke, ... Having a pre-teen in todays work who wants freedom but also in a new city is hard. I am very thankful that she made it home safe, every mom's worst nightmare that something bad has happened to their child, you always think the worst. We discussed how the situation should have been handled different from the other girls and what Ella could have done. There will also be more learning our new city and different ways to get home. 

Tuesday August 16

Up bright and early to start my day before anyone else wakes up.

Cardio workout done on the bike. 

6am meeting with my team to be productive. No one else in the house woke up until at 7. It was so nice to get things done. 

Anna playing dress up with Ella's dresses again. 

Anna had school and Ella requested we stop at Volunteers of America. The kids found a few things. Right now we are not buying Austin any toys/trucks because he is in a phase of destroying and breaking them on purpose. He wanted me to take a picture of this truck for Christmas ideas. 

Wednesday August 17

Crazy fun day ahead. Up early again workout done before I headed out to pick up Ella from her dads. 

Car is loaded and we are off to Cedar Point. We brought Ella's friend along to ride the bigger rides with her.

Mom tip- take a picture of the kids the day you are out and about in the clothes they are wearing. Incase anything happens you can say. She was wearing pigtails, a yellow shirt, flower shorts, and purple shoes. 

Anna first ride was the merry go round. She actually got to ride it twice because the other kids went on the motion ocean ride that Anna is to small for. 

We found some friends and rode some rides at Camp Snoopy. 

This girl has no fear. The airplane goes up in the air. 

This ride goes up and down. 

A spinny ride with some friends

The kids were all excited to ride a train from the back of the park to the front of the park. 

someone is so excited to drive. Except she didn't press the petal and steer so she stayed in the same spot but still had fun.

Austin drove as Anna had the road rage. 

Another bouncy up and down ride. 

On our way to get some dinner, princess took a short but much needed nap. She woke up and ate and was good as new. 

The girls talked me into going on the "tilt a whirl" spiny ride with them, they call it a lady bug. I remember loving this ride as a kid. 

These two talked me into another spiny ride. 

And more spinning rides.

One of Ella's favorite rides. I think she did the bumper cars 4 times. She also went on some faster spiny rides and a few roller coasters. She did gatekeeper, iron dragon twice, raptor, and blue streak. 

Ending a long night with ice cream for the kids and beignets for me. We had such a fun day at Cedar Point. We are talking about getting season tickets for next year so we can go back more. 

Thursday August 18

We had a low key Thursday after Cedar Point. We got home after 11, everyone slept in and had a somewhat lazy day. That evening another new local mom to the neighborhood planned a playdate with all the kids in the neighborhood. I didn't realize how many kids were in the neighborhood. 

Friday August 19

Getting in the habit of waking up early having my me time with a mindset morning and getting things done before anyone else wakes up.

Another ride in the books

Somehow my car became a toy. Anna wearing my sunglasses. Ella's new hairstyle every night has been wetting her hair and braiding it so in the morning she has curls/waves. 

It isn't very often anyone that Austin just sits and cuddles with me. 

610pm what when this picture was taken. She fell asleep at the table eating dinner. She lost her clothes earlier as the kids were playing in the sprinkler. She stayed asleep until 8 am on Saturday. This girl never sleeps especially not for 14 hours. She must have needed it. 

Saturday August 20

Saturday morning breakfast at a new to use bagel shop, that we were not impressed with and this girls fashion statement. 

Mom take a picture. We walked around the famers market, got good coffee, and Ella local honey sticks. 

Also made a trip to Trader Joes. It had been a few months since we had been there and I wanted to stock up on some school snacks and grab a few quick dinner options. 

The deer were out back so I went to feed them. They normally run further into the woods and wait a little bit before they come back out to eat. This time this baby deer got pretty close to me, within 2 feet. 

Anna came outside and they still didn't run away, she went and played in the sand box. 

Ending out night with the perfect size ice cream one from Trader Joes. 

Sunday August 21

I didn't get up super early but still go up before everyone else. 

Brian started breakfast (he is slow with Sunday morning breakfast making) I got the last workout done for week 2. 

Breakfast is served. sausage links, pancakes with homemade berry syrup and whip cream. (Mine was dairy free) The kids pancakes had oreos in them. 

We finally took Ella out as her reward for good grades. She picked Pickle Bills for crab legs

My drink is the size of my head. It was called mermaid water with rum in it. 

There were sea gulls that kept walking on the awing. Their little feet were cute. 

Anna would been in love with all the ducks

Ella got mussels as her appetizer. What kid likes mussels? but she loved them. They tasted like garlic butter to me. 

I got a naked salmon and green beans. The fries were ehh so I brought them home for the kids. 

Ella and her crab. 

I laid down with Anna to put her to bed. She stayed with me for a few minutes. Then she said she wanted daddy. She went outside with him, crawled up in his lap and was asleep in 2 minutes. 

Hope you had a great week. 

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