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 Hey loves. Yesterday was a crazy day. We didn't have power on the hottest day of the year for about 4 hours. It completely through off our schedules and what I had planned to get done. Instead we spent the time school supplies shopping and went out to lunch.  Hence the late blog post. 

Ella made the comment a few weeks ago "We haven't done anything all summer" which was only halfway true. I changed that real quick and planned something small everyday. And yes she may have complained everyday that we were doing something. (We have also planned some other things for the rest of summer now too) Let's take a look at the last weeks adventures.


Monday July 25

The morning started off lazy. I normally pick up Ella from her dad's on Monday but we switched schedules some so he was keeping her an extra day. Anna decided to join me downstairs while I did a a workout on and off the bike. 

Day 2 of 7 day jumpstart workout calendar. 

This was the only other picture I took that day. We picked up groceries from Aldi with Instacart and ran into Target to get a few items that Aldi's didn't have. Austin found a huge Lego Star Wars ATAT that he wants for Christmas so I had to take a picture of it to add it to his Christmas list. 

Tuesday July 26

Up early to press play before the fun adventures of the day.

Day 3 of 7 day jumpstart done. It was called a dance party and I was so excited for it. Unfortunately it was a disappointment with crappy music and not real dancing. But 30 minutes and it was done. 

I was out of the house by 745 with Anna and Austin fed, dressed and ready and off to pick up Ella. I picked a park that is closer to her father's house. Carlise Reservation is part of Lorain County Metro Parks. 

Their is a half mile kids fun trail that includes a story book that changes every month. We read Tip Toe Joe, which was very cute. 

Can you spot any frogs?

Along the train are these cute little play houses, each one uniquely themed. This one had bugs, frogs, and snacks all over. And a few books in it. 

Also along the train are different paintings the kids can play with. This one is different width of birds wings. (Another one was how far different frogs jump)

A bat play house. Ella said she wants her bedroom ceiling painted like this. 

New this year (at least new to us) is this cute stage with wooden seats. They each put on a little performance. 

After the kids trail we walked another 1/2 mile trail then went to the Raptor center which houses wild birds that were injured and can't survive on their own. It was mostly owls. The kids enjoyed seeing them up close. 

When we left the park we headed to Rural King, which is on that side of town and I had never been to. Ella talks about going there all the time with her dad. We were in hopes of seeing baby chickens but they were sold out. The kids however did get free popcorn and I found an awesome deal on mason jars. 

We drove home side streets as I hadn't been on that side of town in years. Things have changed, stores no longer there, new stores other places. We stopped at a Dollar Tree too and the kids got a few things. Then it was home for lunch and to get Anna ready for summer camp. 

After summer camp Anna decided to go swimming. She has gotten the most use out of the pool this year. She asks to go swimming everyday, rain or shine. 

Wednesday July 27

Austin had speech therapy so the girls played on the school's playground for the half an hour while we waited. 

The original plan for the week of adventures was to go see a movie for the Regal Summer Movies for only $2. Austin was complaining of a belly ache and didn't want to go. Instead we stayed home and had a "fun lunch" as Ella calls it and curled up on the floor and watched a movie.

The fun lunch Ella is referring to is the charcuterie board style lunch, I use a pizza pan and add a bunch of random food the kids can share. This time we had Kirklands Chicken nuggets that taste just like chick fila nuggets, crackers, cheese, cucumber, chicken fries, nutella and pb sandwich, grapes, pretzels, and ranch. (the other fun lunch Ella likes is everything in cupcake tins, but that is a pain in the butt to wash and they share and eat more this way)

The movie the kids picked was Sing 2. I thought the movie was ok. I actually fell asleep watching it the story line didn't keep me hooked but I did like the music better than the first movie. 

Movie on the floor with pillows and blankets is a treat as Brian doesn't like pillows and blankets on the floor, sometimes I just overrule. 

Ella cut up pineapple and drank the juice. 

The rest of the day was rough. Someone had a full attitude, the kids weren't listening, there was lots of arguing and fighting, it was raining outside, just a crappy day. 

Then this happened. Ella cut her head open. Her story doesn't make sense of what happened. Thankfully it wasn't to deep and she said it didn't hurt. 

Thursday July 28

Another morning up and at-um getting my workout done and out of the way early. 

These two some mornings can be so cute and lovable. other mornings they are fighting. 

Today's adventure was going to the library, then we hit up another Dollar Tree. We had a little bit of time before we had to pick up Anna from summer camp so instead of stopping home to just leave again in 10 minutes Ella and Austin played at the park. 

The joys of home ownership, cleaning the outside trash can. i just filled it with soap and water and let it sit overnight. 

Friday July 29

Yes this is a screenshot from one of our security cameras. It went off at 5:57 am and we found this. A mama and two baby deer. They also drank water out of the baby pool, which they put a whole in the pool earlier in the week. 

Randomly Austin decided he wanted to clean his bathroom again. Then Anna wanted to clean with a magic eraser sponge. Somehow this escalated into the two of them washing the wall. 

Ella and Brain built her a lemonade stand out of crate and scrape wood. Ella made the sign out of a foam poster board. She had the vision all herself. She set up the stand up at 1pm on a Friday afternoon. Our street is normally has a lot of foot traffic and a good amount of cars. During this time no one walked by and barely any cars. She was out there for an hour and sold one lemonade and made a tip. 10 minutes after we came in a family member drove over and she sold 4 more lemonades and the rest of her lemonade. 

Anna started sitting at the lemonade stand with Ella. Then got bored and stripped down to her diaper. I asked her if she wanted to play with her water table and she said yes so I moved it to the front yard and filled it with water and put her in her bathing suit. Next thing I know she is in the water table. Good thing she is little. 

Ella dug what we thought was a small rock out of our back yard. It turned out to be a much bigger rock. 

All the deer. There were 4 babies and 3 mamas. 

Again these two and cleaning for no reason. They decided to wash both cars without being asked to. 

After washing the cars we all went across the street to hang out with our neighbors while the kids played in the fenced in back yard. What play date isn't complete without popsicles. 

Ella had a rough week of getting hurt. Someone loved her so much that she gave her a love bite, aka Anna bit her and kissed her at the same time. 

Saturday July 30

This was the first Saturday all summer that we had nothing planned in the morning and Ella wasn't with her dad. Ella requested donuts and the playground. This means the driving out to Spudnuts for the best donuts. 

We walked over to the pavilion to sit down and eat. Anna had to walk by her ducks. 

After eating, tradition is we go for a 1/2 mile walk around the park. This is the first time Anna walked the whole thing, even was a big girl walking the rocks that lined the trail. Does this mean we don't have to take the stroller next time. (we do use it to hold our waters and coffees)

Play time. They have a large play area that ranges for sizes. Anna still insists on playing with her bigger siblings. There was one rock wall she was climbing that I had to climb up behind her because I couldn't reach her. 

Their favorite part is the zip line. 

Anna's first time riding it. Brian walked with her the entire way because at the end it flings you back and if your not holding on good enough your falling hard. 

On the way home we had to stop and see airplanes again. 

We had a busy day. Up next was Brian's work family picnic at another park. The kids had a blast as they had a playground all to them selves. Ella also found a frog. 

The frog kept Anna and Ella entertained for a while before I made them set the frog free. 

After the picnic Ella requested we stop by the local Art festival. It was 10 minutes away. In the time Anna fell asleep. She then slept the quick walk through the festival and for a couple more hours. 

Austin had a sleepover at Grandma's. Ella had a sleepover at Memaw's. That means Brian and I got a date night. We left Anna at Memaw's for a few hours. We headed west to Huron and tried The Harbor House. 

We got there early and perfect time to sit on the water outside. Another family was getting up at the same time we got there and it was seat yourself. 

I said I wanted tacos because really when do I not want tacos. They had ahi tuna tacos that were so good. Brian got shrimp tacos that were also delicious. 

We ended our night walking the pier and little beach watching the sunset. 

Sunday July 31

Anna started off the day riding her Sven, while watching her deer eat.

I picked Austin up from his sleepover and he was out in the van within 10 minutes. 

A few minutes later Anna was asleep too. 

We had a relaxing catching up rest of the day. We ended the evening with a family walk. Anna tried to talk us into letting her ride her scooter like the big kids. She lasted 30 seconds then decided to hop in the stroller. 

Hope you had a great week. 

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