Tips for Getting Out Of Fitness Rut and Favorite Fitness Apparel

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. It is hard to believe it is the last week of August already. I am ready for Fall but now we are having temps in the upper 80s. Mother Nature teased us with cooler temps now it is hot again. I am just over here counting down the days until I can officially fully decorate for Fall. ( 7 days) Brian said I have to wait until Labor Day.

Today's post is a mod-podge of a bunch of health and fitness related things. First is an update on my journey, followed by tips for getting out of a fitness rut, favorite fitness apparel, and a discount offer. Lets dive in:

The beginning of this month I shared about never being alone on your journey, weather it be your health and wellness journey or motherhood. There is always a tribe behind you, sometimes you just have to find that tribe. I committed to sharing my journey along the way of getting back into my health and fitness routine as well as helping other women live life to their fullest, to be their best version of themselves, to gain confidence, to feel amazing, and to be stronger everyday. Two weeks ago I shared an update, finding your spark, and favorite fitness gear. Today we are back at it with a quick update, tips for getting out of a fitness rut and favorite fitness apparel. 

Quick Update:

These last two weeks I really dialed into my virtual gym for accountability on my workouts. It has helped me with staying consistent with getting in my 5 workouts a week. Nutrition on the other hand I am struggling with. This is my own fault, the snacking (chocolate chip cookies), not planning the best options for dinners, even forgetting to pull mean out of the freezer and having to switch everything up at the last minute. This is so not like me either. I have one more week left of my current program then I am going to switch it up and make some big much needed changed with my nutrition. 

Tips for Getting Out of a Fitness Rut

We all know that getting out a fitness routine can quickly escalade into a fitness rut. It isn't always easy to get back into it either. We have all been there. I am finally in a good fitness routine that is working for me, even with our crazy schedule and 3 kids in 3 different schools. I have 8 tips for to help you get out a fitness Rut

  1. Remember your reason- why do you want to workout is it to lose weight, to have more energy, to feel good, etc. 
  2. Do something you enjoy- if you don't like cycling then don't cycle, if you prefer dance workouts do dance workouts. 
  3. Find accountability- this could be a friend in person or a virtual community
  4. Schedule it- make an appointment with yourself. put it in your calendar, set an alarm. 
  5. Commit to a 30 day challenge
  6. Celebrate the little wins
  7. Reward yourself- not with food, workout clothes, a manicure, to watch your favorite show
  8. Make a new playlist
Favorite Fitness Apparel

Back On Track Virtual Fit Community Discount Offer
Do you need :

To get back on track 

To start eating healthier

To take your sleep more seriously

To start working out

To take care of yourself

To learn something new

To switch up your workouts

To change your mindset

To become a better person

 If you’re waiting for the magical perfect time (doesn’t exist by the way) or you think it’s too late to’re wrong either way! 🚫 It is never too late and it’s never the wrong time. 

It’s about making a decision, a commitment to yourself and those you love. Make it a priority and make it happen.

Join me in the Back On Track virtual fitness community. You get:

  • workouts less than 30 minutes a day
  • 4 weeks to commit to a new routine for you
  • limited to no equipment needed
  • meal guides with lots of recipes that work for your lifestyle (that taste amazing, nourish our bodies, and family including kid approved) 
  • choose what or if supplements you want to use, which come complimentary for the first 30 days
  • daily accountability
  • support from other women
Want to try a FREE sample workout? I can send you the link, send me an e-mail and lets chat. 
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