10 Things To Do At the Beginning of Each Month

 Hey loves. It is hard to believe that October starts this weekend. I love a new year because it always feels like a brand new start. You have 365 days to reach your goals. But how often do we forget what are goals are a few weeks and months after the new year. A few years ago I switched that mindset and look at each month as a fresh start. The joy of making positive changes with so much possibility.

Each month I am not just setting new goals for that month but looking back at the previous month goals at what I achieved and what I didn't achieve. This makes it easier tracking my progress, and helps to set realistic achievable intentions.

These 10 things I do at the beginning of each month 

  1. Reflect on previous month- what goals did you or did you not achieve, what went as planned, what do you want to change, etc.
  2. Brain Dump- Write down everything you want/need to do. This includes appointments, house projects, school, sports, etc. You can do this on paper or even your phone. This will help you figure out your goals for the month and daily tasks you would like to achieve.
  3. Goals- Setting monthly goals has been a key for me to stick to what I want to get done each month. I also recommend writing them down somewhere you see often so you remember what you want to get done. I share my monthly goals/intentions on my blog at the beginning of each month. 
  4. Budget/Finances- This is something new that Brian and I are starting to do. He has been the one in charge of all our finances. We now share a bank account and we need to tighten our budget some, especially with the holidays coming. 
  5. Meal Plan- I make a basic monthly meal plan with ideas of what I want to make. We always do taco Tuesday, leftovers on Thursday and take out on Friday. We try to get together with both of our families once a month and be sure to include anything special like birthdays and date nights. I do go back weekly and update our menu when I am making our grocery list. 
  6. Fitness Game plan- determine how often you want to work out, for how long, if you are committing to a program, going to the gym, etc. 
  7. Review Calendars- Lookover, update, schedule needed sitters, etc. This is also a great reminder for appointments coming up.
  8. Make plans with friends and/or family- If we don't plan it, the chances that it is going to happen is slim.
  9. Freezer/Pantry Inventory List and Clean Out- This has been a game changer with eating what we have on hand, helping with meal planning, and using foods before they expire. While starting/updating your list I have found it easiest to quickly empty the freezer/fridge/pantry wipe down the shelves and put everything back in organized.
  10. Choose a book to read- Even if your not a big reader having a book on hand you want to read makes you more likely to grab it and read. Even though I read 4-5 I have at least one picked out in advance that I want to read. 
What things do you do at the beginning of each month ?

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  1. Great goals- thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tips for starting the month! Thanks for sharing! Sarah, Sunshine & Books


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