Ella is 11

 Hey love. Oh My Gosh I have an 11 year old. Ella turned 11 yesterday. We spent the weekend celebrating her birthday with a sleepover with 6 friends and a family party. 

Where has the time gone?

Ella being the oldest is very motherly and can be bossy. She found a picture of me the day I went into the hospital to be induced with her and thought that was the coolest thing. 

She wants to stay up all night and is a bear to wake up in the morning. Her new trademark is purple and blue hair clips, not real.

Ella is obsessed with mermaids and has been for years. She also knows her Aunt hates clowns and always sends pictures of clowns or masks to her. 

She watches the same shows over and over. Right now it is H20 Just add Water, Coop and Cami, The Baby Sitters Club and Mako Mermaids.

Ella is currently in choir and band playing the trumpet. She also signed up for art club and service club. 

Happy Birthday Aubriella. 

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Sweet Girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Ella! Yeah! Wishing you a wonderful year. #MMBC

  3. Happy belated birthday to Ella. It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday. She sounds like a lovely young girl. x


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