Our Week Sept 19- Ohio State Football

 Hey loves. Last week was a lot of fun lets see what we did. ...

Monday September 19

A sleepless night with Anna in our bed. She is a little under the weather and not sleeping very well. My alarm went off at 430 and she just clung to me. I turned off my alarm until 6 when I had to get up with Ella. 
Today was the first day since the first day of school that Ella woke up without a fight and I didn't have to go up there at least 3 times to get her up before school. 

Very blurry but it was a very pretty orange sunrise. Then the other direction was a storm rolling it. It was thundering and lightening while we waited for Ella's bus. Thankfully it didn't start to rain until I made it home. Austin goes to the bus stop about an hour after Ella and it had stopped by the time he went to the bus stop. 

I dropped Anna off at preschool then headed to go get my eyebrows done. 

Then was a trip to Trader Joes for all things pumpkins and kids snacks. 

I could have bought soo much more but I limited myself, there is always next week. 

The kids had a good day at school. Austin came home with a paper to be student of the week next week with a whole bunch of info we have to fill our and special things he gets to go each day. Ella had some homework that she got done real quick and without a struggle. 

Dinner we had a quick autumn sheet pan. The corn was leftover from the other day and i added it to the pan the last few minutes to heat it up.

Brian took Austin to his soccer practice. The girls and I stayed home and cleaned up around the house. 

Tuesday September 20

Oh this girl and her not sleeping again. Anna crawled into our bed at 245. I was up on and off with her until I actually got up with Ella at 6. I hugged up, gave her some vicks, and elevated her. We went to her room where the humidifier was on. She kept going back to sleep with her daddy but then he doesn't get any sleep either. 

While I do work in the office Anna draws me pictures. She has officially claimed my calligraphy markers as her own. 

Her new thing is doing little marks in her drawing. 

Anna found lotion in her room that has been sitting on her dresser since we moved in. This was the first time she played with it. If you look closely it looks like she has suntan lotion on, but no it is Johnson and Johnson lotion in the green bottle that we use for bug spray. It not only was on her, but she also took the lotion into her brothers room and had a Star Wars AtAt walking in it, a hot wheels car covered in it and his race track had a bunch on it to. Needless to say she helped me clean it up. 

The rest of the evening was a blur. Brian had plans with a business mentor and Anna screamed when he left. Austin and Ella were fighting most of the night. It is like they knew Brian wouldn't be home so they all decided to be bad. 

Wednesday September 21

We got sleep, but then I forgot to turn my alarm on, any of my alarms. Thankfully Ella's alarm is set on Alexa and goes off every weekend at 6am and I can hear it through the wall. Another morning where Ella got up without a fight too. Really she just wanted me to fix her hair again. She looks so grown up with her hair straightened. 

When it was time for Ella to go to the bus stop there was lots of thunder and lightening, downpouring of rain. I opted to not make her walk to the bus stop, her hair would no longer have been straight, and we would have been soaked. Instead I drove her. From all the different schools we have been to this was the easiest, smoothest, quickest drop off ever. 

Austin had school picture day. He picked out his shirt himself.

Let's not forget Anna needed a picture too. 

Off to take Anna to preschool. Isn't she cute with her puppy eyes, pouty lip, and hands intertwined together. She also was saying "please" with the drawn out eeeee. 

While Anna was at school I came home and got a workout done, some blog and collab work, and dishes. 

She must have had a rough day at school. She fell asleep hugging me while her lunch was cooking. 

She had a nice nap made her own little spot in the living room to eat lunch and watch the tablet. 

Austin also must have had a rough day at school he came home and took a little nap too. 

Brian had another work meeting, Ella went to her dads so it was just Austin, Anna, and me for the evening. 

She's a brat and like stealing glasses. Mine where sitting on my night stand. She's cute but likes to leave finger prints everywhere. 

Thursday September 22

Anna normally asks for cereal for breakfast. Today she took yogurt out of the fridge that we have for a collaboration. She must have enjoyed it because she ate the whole thing. 

Brian had mulch delivered. We are in the process of redoing all our flower beds, planting grass, adding mulch to the kids area, firewood area, and next to the house that gets no sun and is just mud. 

Oh look another spot that Anna had made into her own little seat. She is sitting on the back of the couch, watching Bluey and eating goldfish. Brian cut down the spindles that were on the wall a few weeks ago. 

Anna got made at Ella for going to play with her friend after dinner. She fell asleep at the top of the foyer landing/hallway. I ended up moving her to bed and she slept all night a good 13 hours. 

Friday September 23

Productive morning grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and packing for our weekend away. Another day of Anna taking a nap after school on the stairs. 

After the kids got off school, we loaded up the car, dropped Ella of at her dads, and Anna and Austin at my parents and we hit the road for Columbus. 

We stayed at Towne Place Suites in Dublin. This hotel was nice and would have been perfect if we were away longer with all the amenities they offered. 

We FaceTimed with the kids before heading out to dinner. They both were being so good and ate a lot of pizza. 

We had reservations at North High Brewing Company. We got there early so we grabbed a few beers and waited until a table was ready. 

All the food was so good and a unique atmosphere. I would not bring younger kids with the seating arrangements. 

We walked around the downtown area of Dublin even though it was a little chilly.

Saturday September 24

Our hotel did have free breakfast but we opted to go out since we had no kids and don't get to go out to breakfast often. In Dublin there was a Kona Kitchen restaurant we decided to check out. Aren't their coffee cups cute, and the coffee was so hot.

I got turkey sausage gravy with a biscuit. It was so flavorful and filling I didn't eat it all. Now I need to find turkey sausage at home to make myself. 

Brian got a turkey biscuit sandwich that he wasn't a fan of. There were to many flavors and to spicy and he normally loved spice. 

Right outside the restaurant there was an outdoor flea market, they have one every Saturday. It was huge with so much fun stuff, wish we had a cooler to take stuff home with us. 

After the farmers market we went to Easton mall area. Kirklands was having a $6 sale on candles I didn't want to miss, and I decided I needed a new workout bra from Victoria Secret. We did some walking around and wasting time. I loved this frog fountain. I need one more home. 

We went back to the hotel to relax for what we thought was going to be a few hours. Then Brian's friend called and asked if we were by the stadium yet. Umm no it was only like 1 and the game wasn't until 730. Turns out tail gating starts early and parking lots fill up quick. We got ready and headed to find parking then lunch. 

Ummm Why doesn't a university have 2 swat bullet proof tank trucks? I say 2 because I saw 2 together but there could have been more. Brian said something about the highest paid coach and elite players that have security like what the heck. 

We walked from on side of campus to the other side for a late lunch. Did you know Ohio State is one of the biggest campuses. It was recommended to check out Hangover Easy which is a breakfast bar and closed at 3, we got there around 2 and were out by 315 that was even with our wait. 

Brian somehow talked me into French Toast shots, and I don't even like French Toast. They actually were good. 

Their burger and fries were really good, but could also be the alcohol talking too. 

The squinting of the eyes gives it away. 

Tailgating listening to this band. I wish I remembered their name.

Had some pre-workout to make it through the night. Also took this drink into a bar, got yelled at when I walked out with this drink.

Amazing halftime show put on by the Ohio State Band in tribute to Grease.

The number of people attending the game. That is more than the Cleveland Browns stadium holds. It's no wonder my cell service sucked and you couldn't get connected to their wifi. 

Sunday September 25

Breakfast at a cute French distro in downtown Dublin. I had to have a chocolate croissant...

and a Beignet 

and we also shared a bacon sandwich and side of potatoes. 

The only picture I took in Ikea for a floor color I liked. We were looking for ideas for our office and didn't find exactly what we were looking for. But it was nice to walk around, talk, look, and not be chasing kids or hearing I'm bored or the craziness of back to school time when I was there a few weeks ago. 

We went window shopping at Polaris Mall. (we dont have any good malls by us anymore) Then had Torchy Tacos for lunch. 

Finally on our way home. We stopped at Grandpa's Cheesebarn and got cheese and chocolate. 

The kids had a good time at my parents and were behaved. Austin feel asleep on the way home Anna was chatting away the whole drive home. 

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