Our Week- with back to school

 Hey loves. Happy 1st day of September. That also means falls and all things pumpkin and Halloween right? Hope you are having a great week. We are over here potty training for the week since Anna doesn't have school. We have been hit and miss but I have faith that she can do it. 

Monday August 22

Started the week off early and on the right foot with some met time. 

And a workout before the sun came up. 

Ella had a friend over and they put on a concert with Anna. There was music and singing aka a lot of squeaking, wrong keys, and loud noise. 

Let's not forget the Princess dress up parties.

Anna and I also played her favorite game, Princess Yahtzee

Ella had her school open house. We meet her teacher, wondered around the school to find all her classrooms, tried out her locker that did work then but no longer works now and stayed for the band meeting. 

Tuesday August 23

We had a rough night. This little girl slept in our bed most of the night and slept sideways.

She was cute when she woke up to cuddle my face. 

I got a cycling workout done with Anna being good and coloring. 

Then Anna did a cycling workout, to bad she doesn't reach the pedals. 

Austin had his open house to meet his teacher. 

A scavenger hunt around the class to put supplies away and learn your way around. 

My handsome little first grader

with a bookbag the size of him. 

Wednesday August 24

Busy day with a new routine. up at 430 to get my workout done or I know it won't get done any other time. 

It's the first day of school. Ella was up at 530 so I had time to curl her hair, it seems to be a first day of school tradition. 

She has a early start to her day the bus comes around 7am. 

This was me telling her to strike a pose. You would think she would want to do cheerleading again, but she doesn't. 

Everyone was up before Ella had to go to school. 

Austin is all ready and excited for his first day. 

Anna didn't want to be left out either.

As we were standing outside taking pictures, his bus came 15 minutes early. Thankfully we were ready but I know other kids and parents who were not happy they missed the first day of school catch the bus. 

While the older two went to school Anna and went to the zoo to meet my best friend. 

Anna had to get her picture taken on the statues that we did last time with all the kids. 

Some of the animals were really active like this bear. 

We had a fun few hours at the zoo. 

Anna was very well behaved, got in and out the stroller without a fight. She isn't sleeping here just didn't want her picture taken. I packed her some snacks to eat while we walked. 

Anna fell asleep on the way home from the zoo, plus it was a longer drive with a road closure. 
Ella and Austin ended up having a pretty good first day of school.

Thursday August 25

Early morning of picking up Ella from her dads, new routine getting the kids ready and off to school. Anna and I played for a little bit then it was time for her last day of summer camp. 

She must have had a rough day. She came home and passed out in the chair. 

I made another loaf of sourdough. it turned out good and even my kids ate it. 

Dinner was skillet lasagna, salad, and bread. 

The kids requested to go to the playground. They all wanted to do the firepole. 

I saw a cute twisting hair style on tiktok. I tried it on Ella's hair but it isn't long enough to get the full effect. 

Austin and Anna have started playing with magna-tiles every night before bed, building houses then destroying them. 

Friday August 26

Ella was off on the bus, Austin has been waking up earlier than he needs to and has been playing outside after breakfast and waiting until the bus comes. (but it was a struggle to get them to play outside all summer)

Morning workout with my princess (that's her arm). It was suppose to be a cycle ride but she wanted to work out with me so we did a different cardio workout. 

Mommy build me a house. 

So I can be Godzilla and destroy it. 

She asked me to lay down with her in her princess tent, she usually doesn't let me in there. 

We took my old trumpet in to get repaired as it probably hasn't been touched in 25 years (that makes me feel very old but I haven't played since 8th grade) while renting Ella a new trumpet. Ella played while Anna sang. I joked with my parents that payback is a bitch from me torturing them with the trumpet for all those years, plus private tutoring sessions. 

My big brat wanted to sit on me but wouldn't take a cute picture with me. 

Brian and his uncle were in the backyard chopping firewood as Austin decided to take the rope they were using to pull Anna with his scooter in the wagon. 

Brian and the kids went to the neighbors house for smores and a fire. Anna had a smores then asked for mommy to go to bed. She came home cuddled with me and was out within 5 minutes. She had a long day and no nap. 

Saturday August 27

Saturday morning breakfast of bagel sandwiches as we walk around the farmers market. Sad to hear our favorite coffee truck and date cookie booth will no longer be at the farmers market. 

Riding in daddy's truck. When Anna was still rear facing in her car seat in the van they would hold hands all the time. (Anna is only acting like she is sleeping)

We went to a local fair. Anna and Austin loved petting all the animals. Anna is so delicate with petting too. Oh and they both want a horse and bunny now too. 

Brian agreed to them riding 2 rides, which ended up being an adventure. Everything at the fair was cash only, the ATM by the ticket booth wasn't working then we had to find another ATM. The "ride" Austin wanted to do didn't take tickets it only took cash and he would have to have an adult go with him and Anna was to little so we said no. They ended up agreeing to the merry go round, don't you love her excitement. 

And a race care that went in a circle. 

Austin was checking out the bumper cars but Anna was to small and the line was crazy long for it. 

The asked for candy and somehow both agreed on this big lollipops that they ended up not liking. 

They were both asleep before we even got out of the parking lot. 

I ended up moving the pillow and giving Austin Donald to hug and use as a pillow as he was smaller. (The pillow is for me to be able to drive the truck, short girl problems)

The rest of the evening the kids and I had a low key night at home. Brian ended up taking his dad to the ER for something not being right, which they never determined what was wrong but he was doing better after getting IV fluids. 

Sunday August 28

Sunday morning cuddles. I got tired of their show so I turned on the original Lion King. There was a lot of screaming and I'm scared out of Anna. I forgot how sad and scary the movie really is. 

They were mesmerized watching Beauty and the Beast the live action version. 

The rest of Sunday we spent cleaning, and preparing for the week ahead. 

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