September Intentions

Hey loves. Hope you are having a relaxing Labor Day weekend. We had a rainy family cookout yesterday and today is low key get ready for the week ahead and keeping it low key. I have so many aspirations for this month and the rest of this year. I know that the few hours that Anna is at school each week will fly by and I will not get as much done as I put on the list. It will just carry over to the next month. I am not thriving for perfection instead just grace over getting things done. 

New month means new goals. Let's take a look back at August Goals


  • read 5 books- yes
  • read 1 personal development book- yes
  • step out of my comfort zone and attend a live BB event again- yes
  • start new Annie F Downs devotional series with group- yes
  • complete 4 week program- yes (just finished yesterday)


  • family game night- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • go on 4 family walks- no
  • take kids to daytime summer movie at the theatre- yes
  • back to school shopping- yes
  • get ready for back to school- yes
  • go through kids clothes- yes
  • get ice cream- yes
  • go on 4 adventures with the kids-yes
  • Mother daughter date- no
  • Brian and I date- yes
  • take Ella for seafood- yes


  • start purging/selling toys in basement- no
  • finish trim in mud room/bathroom- yes (Brian just finished yesterday)
  • organize utility cleaning closet- no


  • put up  3 digital items- no
  • put up 1 tangible item- no

Health and Wellness

  • Help 3 women- no
  • rank advance- no
items total: 24
items accomplished: 15
items not accomplished: 9

1000 hours outside: 
  • June 108 
  • July 106
  • August 125
  • Total 339
Apple rings closed: 
Move goal 450cal  hit 27 days
Exercise goal 30 minutes hit 20 days
Stand goal 12 hours hit 31 days

Lets Rock Septembers Goals


  • read 5 books
  • read 1 personal development book
  • get into a new morning routine 5 days a week
  • mindset morning everyday
  • close apple ring 20 times
  • go to lunch with a friend
  • start a new workout program and stick to it
  • Brian and I date night
  • zoo date with Heather
  • Hocus Pocus night with girlfriends
  • go for walk with neighborhood ladies


  • family game night
  • family movie night
  • start planning Ella's birthday
  • attend a high school football game
  • go for 4 family walks
  • Go to an Ohio State game
  • go get ice cream
  • go to a fall festival
  • schedule dentist appts
  • Austin starts soccer
  • Ella Girl Scouts starts back up
  • Anna preschool orientation
  • make 5 new recipes to get out of cooking rut
  • decide and buy Halloween costumes


  • make a room/section list to purge
  • start purging at least one room/section
  • sell toys from basement
  • Decorate for fall
  • Tear wallpaper down on lower foyer and stairs
  • make a dream home to do list
  • organize office better
  • start looking into Cricut storage ideas
  • start a printed recipe binder (not just on my blog) goal of 20 
  • make a list of family favorite main dishes
  • move exercise bike and mirrors


  • post 5 Halloween items
  • post 3 digital 
  • post 1 tangible

Health and Wellness Business

  • help 3 women get started
  • rank advance
Mom Life Blog
  • get back into sending emails
  • plan content for rest of the year
  • Plan bootcamp content for October
  • Start monthly coach mentorship

What are your goals for September?

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