New Morning Routine

 Hey loves. I have been on the struggle bus to get into a good, productive, consistent morning routine. I slacked off over the summer with having no schedule. Since the kids have been back in school since the end of August, I am no longer breastfeeding and getting woken up a million times a night, I have no more excuses of why I wasn't taking this time for me. I know I feel better physically and mentally when I do this. 

If you are new here, Hi I am Adrienne a stay at home mom of three. I work part time as a blogger, I run an online health wellness business helping moms make themselves a priority, and have an Etsy store. My kids are 11, 7, and 3. They are in sports, clubs, preschool, band, and other activities that keep us busy as well. 

With all that being said, my morning before the kids get up is my only real "me time". This is the time that either starts the day on the right foot, in a positive mindset that effects everyone, or can be rushed and overwhelming. 

Let's take a look at how a planned productive morning goes on the mornings that I am not picking Ella up from her dads:

4:30- The alarm goes off. I slowly, get out of bed, go to the bathroom and change into workout gear. I give myself until 5 to do this because I have learned I am not just going to jump out of bed. (I set out my clothes in the bathroom the night before so I am less likely to wake anyone up)

5:00- I make my pre-workout and grab my water out of the fridge. While I drink my pre-workout I do my "mindset morning". (I put water in the fridge the night before so it is cold for my pre-workout and workout)

What is my mindset morning? This varies slightly if I am doing a bible study or a devotional. Here is my current line up (top to bottom)

After my morning mindset if I am doing a blog link up I will open my laptop to quickly link up before I head downstairs. 

5:30- Grab water that I set on the counter and head downstairs. Press play on my workout

6:00- Ella's alarm goes off. I give her a few minutes, usually finishing my workout before I head upstairs and force her out of bed by turning on her light. 

6:15- Make breakfast for Ella, eat post workout brownie bowl if needed, put away clean dishes, make lunches if I didn't do the night before.

6:45- Wake Austin up (if he isn't already) and double check Ella is ready to head to the bus stop. 

7:00- Walk with Ella to the bus stop (it is dark and a little ways down the street)

7:15- Come home and Brian normally has breakfast and coffee ready for me.

7:30- Make sure Austin's bookbag, lunch, and him are ready. 

8:00- Brian takes Austin to the bus stop and I clean up the kitchen. Walk upstairs make sure the fish are fed, make beds open the blinds and turn off all the lights. 

8:15- Brian heads off to work, I quickly make my to do list.

The rest of the day is adventures with Audrianna (who has no real schedule unless she has preschool). I try not to check my phone (besides when my mom calls to say good morning to my kids) until after Austin is off to school. 

What does your morning look like?

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  1. Sounds like a very productive morning! I really wish that I could learn go to bed early so that I could wake up early but I’m such a night owl!

    1. I use to be a night owl then I got a job where i started work at 430 and it forced me to get up.


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