Preschool Girl Gift Ideas

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 Hey loves. Is it to soon to be talking about the holidays? The holidays are right around the corner. I started some Christmas shopping back in August (I know early). You would think I would be done already but really only grabbed a few odd items that I knew my kids would enjoy, were on sale (or at Goodwill), and they wouldn't have/need/grow out of before Christmas came. I also did some shopping on Amazon Prime day a few weeks back. Our goal this year is to have the kids done by Thanksgiving if not everyone done by then. I have already noticed a delay in a lot of my shipments from Amazon and regular mail service. It is just going to get worse the closer to the holidays. 

Here are some ideas for Christmas toys for Preschoolers that they won't be tired of in a few days. Some of which we own and my kids play with others that are on our Christmas list this year.

Wiggle car

Barbie House

pop up tent


trampoline- there was a lot of discussions with disagreements before our kids got one. Since getting one there has been lots of rules, that change with time also. It has been the best investment of getting them active and outside everyday. We also bought a ladder to make it easier for the little ones to get in and out so Mom isn't getting up every 3 minutes to take them out and put them back in again.

Little People Castle

Broom/mop/ Vaccuum

Wooden Puzzles

Princess Dress-up

Play Kitchen

Water Babydoll

Tesalate Beach Towel

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  1. The shopping cart is a great one, my daughter loved playing grocery store! She is almost 8 now, and still loves to play it!

    1. we have one that gets it fair share of use and fighting over from all 3 of my kids

  2. Oh gosh I miss these days-ahhhh!


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