Currently and Intentions for November

 Hey loves. Hello November. New month means new health right?  We didn't get to do much Fall or Halloween fun this year. It seemed like every time we planned something on of my kids ended up sick. Fingers crossed we are healthy for a while. 

The currently link up is back but now it is with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness. I am also sharing my intentions for the month and looking back at last months. First up....

~ Borrowing ~
Babysitters. Does that count. Brian and I are borrowing our parents to babysit Anna for numerous things lately. From Austin's soccer game to school Halloween parties and IEP meetings, and soon enough some Christmas shopping. 

~ Buying ~
Christmas presents. We are almost done with the kids. That is until I add more to the list which always happens when I shop early. We are also buying items to host our first Thanksgiving. We don't have enough plates for 20 people so we are buying those and I want a nice table cloth. 

~ Planning ~
Thanksgiving. This is our first year hosting. I am planning all the details from our menu to table settings.

~ Prepping ~
The basement for more renovations. We are getting a bigger sump pump put in our basement (which means a lot of concrete dust) and more walls are coming down. 

~ Reading ~

New month means new goals. Let's take a look back at October Goals

  • read 5 books- yes
  • read 1 personal development book- yes
  • get into a new morning routine 5 days a week- yes minus since Anna has been sick
  • mindset morning everyday- yes 
  • close apple ring 20 times- no only 18 
  • start a new workout program and stick to it- yes
  • Brian and I date night- no
  • zoo date with Heather- no
  • Hocus Pocus night with girlfriends- yes
  • go for walk with neighborhood ladies- yes
  • go to lunch with a friend- no
  • family game night- no
  • family movie night- yes
  • go get ice cream- no
  • go to a fall festival- no (kids got sick)
  • schedule dentist appts- no
  • figure out Halloween costumes- yes
  • go trick or treating- yes
  • carve pumpkins- yes
  • check more items off Fall bucket list- no
  • start purging at least one room/section- yes
  • sell toys from basement- started
  • Tear wallpaper down on lower foyer and stairs- no
  • start a printed recipe binder (not just on my blog) goal of 20 - no
  • make a list of family favorite main dishes- started
  • start planning holidays- yes
  • start making kids Christmas lists- yes
  • start Christmas shopping- yes


  • post 5 Halloween items- no
  • post 3 digital - no
  • post 1 tangible- no

Health and Wellness Business

  • help 3 women get started- no
  • rank advance- no
  • Start monthly coach mentorship- yes
  • Plan bootcamp content for November- yes Gratitude and mindset focused
Mom Life Blog
  • get back into sending emails- yes
  • plan content for rest of the year- yes
items total: 37
items accomplished: 21
items not accomplished: 16

1000 hours outside: 
  • June 108 
  • July 106
  • August 125
  • September 77
  • October 41
  • Total - 457
Apple rings closed: 
Move goal 450cal  hit 27 days
Exercise goal 30 minutes hit 31 days
Stand goal 12 hours hit 31 days

November Goals:

  • read 5 books
  • read 1 personal development book
  • listen to 1 audio book
  • mindset morning everyday
  • close apple ring 20 times
  • start a new workout program

  • Brian and I date night
  • playdate with Heather 
  • go for walk with neighborhood ladies (weather permitting)
  • go to lunch with a friend

  • Host Thanksgiving
  • Finish Christmas shopping for the kids
  • North Pole Breakfast
  • start decorating for Christmas
  • Elf calendar 
  • make Christmas bucket list
  • make winter bucket list
  • sleep train Anna once she is feeling better
  • order Christmas cards
  • mail Christmas cards
  • break down kids Christmas lists to give to grandparents

  • prep basement for new sump pump
  • purge basement, garage and shed with dumpster
  • take down wallpaper in foyer
  • finish taking down wallpaper in office 

  • post 3 digital 
  • post 1 tangible

Health and Wellness Business:
  • help 3 women get started
  • rank advance
  • Start monthly coach mentorship
  • Plan virtual community content for December
  • plan a 12 days of fit-mas FREE group

Mom Life Blog:
  • send out newsletter
  • share blog post on Instagram stories
  • share blog post on 

What are your goals for the month?

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  1. Hooray for hosting Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy it...and that day full of blessings for everyone!

  2. I was just saying to my husband that I feel like someone has been sick in this house since the start of September... and I have one that started feeling crappy again yesterday so I don't think we're done with sickness yet! I hope your first Thanksgiving goes great and that everyone stays healthy for you for a good long time.

    1. I am over everyone being sick and it just keeps going from one to the next back to the first.

  3. Dealing with a lot of sickness is NOT fun. I hope you have a good long healthy stretch now. Also, I haven't done any holiday shopping except for extended family. I don't even know what to get the kids this year. Yikes.


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