Experience Gift Ideas

 Hey loves. Who else's kids have way too much stuff and toys they don't play with? I know I am not alone in this. A few weeks ago I started going through my kids toys and purging (selling, donating, and trash). They don't play with everything, they grow out of things, their tastes change, and sometimes the toys just aren't what you thought they would be. This year we are adding some experiences for our kids Christmas lists. That is not to say they will not be getting gifts, because all kids want to open something on Christmas morning and see presents under the tree. 

I have complied a list of experience ideas:

Memberships: (these can be expensive, numerous people can purchase together)

  • zoo
  • aquarium 
  • children's museum 
  • science center
  • theme parks
  • play places (skyzone, urban air)
  • water parks
Subscriptions: (you can do one more to a year so many options)
  • baking
  • reading
  • kiwi box
  • craft boxes
Special Outing:
  • bowling
  • concert
  • Disney on Ice
  • monster trucks
  • laser tag
  • water park
  • sporting event
  • movie tickets

  • baking supplies
  • craft supplies
  • art easel
  • bedroom remodel
  • science experiment kits
  • monthly date cards
  • monthly movie nights
What are some experience gifts that you have given or received that were loved?

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  1. I found your blog through Dara and I'm so excited! I love finding new blogs to read. I love this idea. As our son gets older, we find ourselves doing more of this as well. He's growing out of playing with toys and Lord knows he doesn't need anymore! I love experiences and creating new memories as a family!! This is a great list!!


    1. yes and things just takes up so much space. I love things that they can make memories with.


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