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 Hey loves. Happy Friday. We have made it to the weekend. Last weekend was gorgeous in the 70s, this weekend we have a chance of snow. How a few days can change so much. Even Thursday was in the upper 60s. But overall we have had a great week. But we have busy weekend planned without kids, cleaning the house of the crap the previous owners left here a year ago. Crazy to think we have been in our new house for a year already. 

Time for some Friday Favorites with these lovely ladies: Erika, and Andrea.

~ ONE ~

Brian bought a turkey blow up (similar link) from Menards. He is cute. The reason that Brian gave me is if I have Thanksgiving decorations I won't drive him as nuts to decorate for Christmas. 

~ TWO ~

We picked up this pizza from Costco, omg it was so good. Everyone agreed they liked it and was only $12 for two pizzas. 


Ella and her pet frog that will just sit on her head. (her purple hair are clip ins, not permanent)

~ FOUR ~

We went to the pet store to buy crickets for the frog. There was a chinchilla who was just sitting there with her hand on the glass wanting to play and go home with someone. If it wasn't $150 and if we had a place to put it. 

~ FIVE ~

We have one tree currently left in our front yard (which will be coming down next year) Ella figured out how to finally climb it and has been up in it everyday since. 

 ~ SIX ~

Princess Anna, she found Ella's crown from Disney World. 


Since we had such gorgeous weather Brian got outside and on the roof and hung up our lights. We only have had them on for pictures, they won't be on until after Thanksgiving. 


Ella has turned into Christmas princess. She has been playing Christmas music all weekend and dressed as Christmas today for school. If it makes you happy no one needs to pop your bubble. If someone thinks it is to early for anything Christmas that is a you problem.

~ NINE ~

A few weeks ago Trader Joes had samples of Focaccia Bread French Onion. I didn't think my kids would like it but still let them try it. They ended up loving it and we have bought it a few times since. 

~ TEN ~

Taking Ella to the bus this week we have had beautiful sunrises, compared to before the time change it was pitch black and we saw the stars. 


Austin has been doing awesome with his reading. He even read to Anna the other morning. 

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