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 Hey loves. Happy November and Happy Friday. How is your month starting off? Ours hasn't gone as planned with passing around a cold/sinus infection. Last week it was Anna this week it is Austin and myself, yesterday it was back to Anna. (she took a power nap in the morning then was good to go, these kids and being sick is to weird.) Fingers crossed no one else gets it and that we continue to upswing for the better. Tonight we have tickets to the Cleveland Charge minor league basketball game. Anna is staying with her grandparents, Brian and I are taking Ella and Austin, hopefully we have a good time.  

Let's do a life lately for the past week with all the things.  

Austin got to dress up for school on the day of his Halloween party. Can you guess what he is? The costume he wanted was $40 and as always cheaply made and he would only wear it a few times if I am lucky so insides I decided to do a DIY costume. A white shirt that was actually Brian's ghost Halloween costume when he was younger, we cut all all the dangly cost parts. Khaki pants that were from the thrift store for $3 (and he could wear again), and a belt also from the thrift store for ($2). For school he was not allowed to take any accessories so that is the only part not included in the picture. (also was not included with the costume if I were to buy one). He is Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. 
Side note, Austin had a few different Halloween dress up events to go to and this was the only time I actually got him to wear his costume. He has now changed his mind and doesn't like anything Halloween and didn't want candy (even though he eats a few pieces a day)

I got to volunteer at Austin's Halloween party at school. As you can see he is no longer in his Halloween costume. he told me he just didn't want to wear it. 
I was in charge of one of the games. I picked ring toss witches hats. I already had the hats from our decorations and I bought a bunch of glow sticks
This was the first time I got to volunteer at Austin's school. I was shocked that the party was in the middle of the day and you didn't take your kids home with you afterwards. Also there wasn't a parade of costume and no one else besides Austin passed out treats to take home. How does/did your kids school do parties?  

Ella's school had a Halloween party after school. There was games, karaoke, dance party, photo booth, spooky rooms, and a bunch of kids running around. I volunteered to help at the check in table for a few hours. Ella dressed as a witch and asked for a picture with her best friend since preschool.
This was on a school night and didn't end until 8:30. We luckily snuck out early otherwise I was hearing that other kids didn't get home until after 9 with traffic. Ella is always in bed if not asleep by 9, that makes for a lake night. (Ella also has to wake up at 6am)

These two and their love for each other. I love that Austin takes the love too, and gives it back.

Anna saw this picture of herself from when she was a baby. Her response was "no mommy I don't go in a pumpkin I get dirty" It was the cutest thing. 

Ella went camping with her Girl Scout troop. They stayed busy having fun the whole time. She had so much fun.

Ella was the first one to the top of the rock climbing wall. She was also the first one down. They did archery and a b.b. shooting range. She also was the best shot. Maybe she has an active career in her future. 

Ella's favorite part was getting to ride a horse for the first time. 

Anna decided to be Cinderella for Halloween. Her other option was a witch.

Anna and her best friend at preschool. Her friend is a cupcake. 

While Anna was at school, Austin had off school and had a little party with some friends down the street. We walked to pick him up. They were holding hands until I grabbed my phone. Yes that is our beautiful yellow/gold tree in the background while every other tree is not pretty. 

Sometimes she is the cutest napper.

I took no pictures of my kids trick or treating. Austin dressed as a police officer and Anna was Cinderella. 
Brian and I were talking about finding your people and so thankful for our new neighborhood. Where we previously liked we didn't have neighbors that we hung out with. Our new neighborhood we were invited by two different groups of families to go trick or treating with. We ended up having such a good time and the kids got so much candy. Not pictured is all the full size candy bars they also got. 

Before Halloween I found a Disney Christmas train at Walmart for only $15. I bought it and said we could put it up after Halloween. On November 1st I get home from walking Ella to the bus stop, at 715am Austin is in the living room putting together this train. 

It is cute, it works, doesn't work very well on carpet and we don't really have anywhere big enough to put it up, but we will figure it out. 

Anna asked for a picture with Halloween Minnie and Mickey. This was after Halloween. She didn't want a picture with them when she was dressed up for Halloween. 

I took down all the Halloween decoration, but left up our fall decorations. We bought a pre-lit tree for our entryway/foyer and I put it up quickly to make sure it worked, and it fit in the space. I took it back down and put it back in the box. We are not decorating until Black Friday.

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  1. The kids' costumes are too cute! And we don't decorate for Christmas until Black Friday also, but this year I have this tiny inkling to decorate a little earlier!

    1. Thanks. I think everyone is itching for a happiness again.


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