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 Hey loves. Happy Monday. It has been a busy last few weeks and the holidays haven't even officially started yet. It is crazy to think that it is already Thanksgiving week. I am excited and nervous to host our first Thanksgiving for about 20 people. For just one day, a few hours of people coming over there is a lot of work that gets done behind the scenes from prepping, cleaning, purging, etc plus all the other house projects we have going on. (At least the demo and mess in mostly in the basement.)

Today I got some Life Lately updates. I was doing our week posts for a while and got out of the habit of taking photos and capturing our days. I miss doing those posts even if they are just for me and my family as a scrapbook of our life. I will be starting those back up again soon, but until then here is some updates.

There have been some happy deer in our yard. We have been feeding them our pumpkins, my parents pumpkins, and we got some pumpkins from a friend. 

Ella and her frog. He will just sit on her head as she walks around the house. 

Ella has found a new tree to climb in our front yard. One of the trees we cut down was the perfect climbing trees. This tree she wasn't tall enough yet or strong enough to be able to get up in it. I asked her a few weeks ago to take down the Halloween eyes that were in the tree and she did it by climbing up the tree. Since then whenever the weather is nice she can be found in this tree. She will be made when this tree gets cut down next year. (The roots are growing out of the ground and the tree is starting to lean)

Earlier this month we had a beautiful weekend with 70 degree weather. We spent the time outside getting as much yard work and projects done as we could outside. Limited daylight as it gets dark by 530 now sucks though. Brian did get our new Christmas light hung up. I can't wait to turn them on this week. 

Princess Anna. Right now she is obsessed with crowns and magic wands. 

Ella has turned into a Christmas girl. She is excited for Christmas, driving around looking at lights, wants to decorate everything, is excited for snow... Last year she hated driving around looking at lights and was more of a Grinch. She has started wearing her Santa Claus clothes to school.

Ohio still does day light savings, we turn our clocks back one hour in the fall. Before this I would be taking Ella to the bus stop in the dark still seeing stars. Now we are watching the sunrise on our walk. 

Hours of building towers with magnatiles. It is an everyday thing. 

Austin has been improving so much with his reading. He working with a reading specialist everyday, plus extra work at home. He forgot to read a specific book for school the night before so he read that book to Anna before school. 

I finished the workout program I was doing. My goal for the next two months is maintain weight, but gain energy again. 

Brian ordered a dumpster. We have had stuff sitting in this house that the previous owners left behind. From old teacher supplies, denture making stuff, random and who knows what else. 

Getting back on the bike more since finishing my last program. Loving the quick workouts I can get done and not go outside and freeze. 

No he isn't sick or going to the doctors. Austin helped Brian demo the basement. Instead of inhaling drywall dust, cement dust etc. He was an awesome helper. 

Brian and I had a date night while my parents watched the kids so we could get some projects done around the house. You can never go wrong with Mexican.

We got a little bit of snow. Mostly on the cars. 

As you can see there isn't much in the yard.

Anna had her weight check drs appointment. She only weights 24lbs and 12 oz. She only gained 4 oz since July. She is in the less than 1 percentile of weight for kids her age. Based on that her doctor wanted some labs done, and she has an appointment with a pediatric nutritionist. Then we will go from there. All of her lab work came back normal.

I asked Anna to put her socks on so we could go to the doctor. She purposely unrolled two different pairs of socks and put one of each on to be like Ella, who never wears making socks. 

Anna and I spent the day at my parents house while we had contractors at our putting in a bigger sump pump. 

Anna has been a kissing bandit. Here she is kissing her cousin Easton who is two months younger than her. She also kissed her best friend at preschool, who also is the one of the girls I use to babysit. It was sweet. She hadn't seen her in over a month and they kissed goodbye. 

Mommy's little helper with massaging my muscles of my leg after doing a new workout. 

Anna also got her back massaged too. 

We filled the dumpster and could have added more too. All the previous owners crap is out of the house and we started more demo on the basement. 

We got some more snow. It was crazy. Ella and I got home from getting her from her father's house and there was no snow. 10 minutes later we leave to walk to the bus stop and the ground is almost covered. I was her to the bus stop, wait a few minutes until the bus arrived and I walk back and our footsteps are already gone. 

Austin was also excited to see snow. When he came home from school he was sad that all the snow melted and he couldn't go play in it. 

Everything is better with whip cream and sprinkles. But really OMG The new chocolate caramel brownie shake is so good, Anna stole most of it. 

I finally hung pictures in our house. The kids got there school pictures back and I bought a new clock (our old one stopped working). Now to just take down all the wallpaper and ducks. 

Anna and I made a cute turkey craft at home. She got to use scissors, markers, and glue sticks and was so excited. 

Anna needed her nails done. She went upstairs to my closet and got out the nail polish. Thankfully I heard her open the door or she may have tried to do it herself. 

This is a "No I don't want to watch Frozen" but stood there and watched it and brought her toys in the living room to play and watch. 

Ta Da a beautiful princess, don't forget the heels, and a Star Wars protector. 

This girl. she is something else. The blue lips are food coloring. 

Family movie night with Home Alone (kids choice) a fire, smores, and hot chocolate. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading about what you have been up to. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and good luck with hosting on the big day. I'm sure everything will turn out beautifully.

  2. Your Christmas lights look great!

  3. Best of luck with Thanksgiving!! It is a lot of behind the scenes work but it's worth it (I think!). Hope all of Anna's bloodwork comes back Okay.


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