Thanksgiving Recap

 Hey loves. Happy Monday after Thanksgiving. The last week has been a world wild of crazy. I am ready to get back to routines and schedules. We hosted our first Thanksgiving ever for 20 people. Lets take a quick look at our day...

The few days leading up to Thanksgiving day I did the majority of the cleaning. I wanted Thanksgiving morning to be relaxed and not rushed. After dinner on Wednesday I had planned on doing the last of the vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. That didn't happen because Brian invited some guys over to watch the Cavs game. 

Thanksgiving morning Brian was up before 6 doing all the last minute cleaning. (He knew I was not happy with him). We spent the first part of the morning doing the last minute odds and ends around the house before the parade. (making beds, moving toys upstairs, putting laundry away, etc.) Anna and Austin were cute and cuddling on the couch together. 

It's parade time. As if there isn't enough chairs in our living room, these two decided to share the smallest seat of them all. Oh they also didn't want to watch the parade, but as you can see their eyes are glued to it. 

Austin's favorite float was Baby Yoda, Anna wasn't happy that Elsa and Anna were not in the parade.

After the parade, the kids went outside to play with the neighbors grandkids on the trampoline. I took a shower and got myself ready. Anna came in and asked to cuddle. Next thing you know she is sleeping. She had asked to go with me to go get Ella from her dad's but she fell asleep. 

I went and picked up Ella at 2, we got home and guests started to arrive about a half an hour later. 

For 20 people, really 15 adults and 5 kids, we set out two long folding tables and chairs. Originally we had planned on splitting up the seating arrangements and putting half in here and half at the kitchen table, but at the last minute Brian decided to put everyone together. (hence why there are two different table clothes as I didn't buy two Thanksgiving table clothes)

The main centerpiece is acorns (make sure you bake them first to kill all the bugs) with battery operated candles. 

I was very disappointed in the long wood, sandalwood candle. We received it in a gift basket, the candle was listed at $50. The one wick would not light period, the other 4 didn't burn easily, and it didn't have much of a smell when it was burnt. 

Time for some food. My sister made the cutest pumpkin cheeseball and crackers. 

Yes that is everything but the bagel seasoning on the cheeseball. 

We turned the veggie tray into a turkey. 

My sister in law made the most delicious fall sangria. 

I have no idea what all was in it but it was so good. 

I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the food. We had turkey that was cooked in the roaster, twice baked mash potatoes, gravy, rolls and cinnamon butter from Texas Roadhouse, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, corn, and stuffing. Lets not forget dessert: pumpkin cheesecake, apple pie, pineapple upside down cake, banana cream pie, and chocolate cream pie. There was plenty of food and lots of leftovers. 

Overall Thanksgiving went well. It was nice to have everyone over, we ate on time, etc. There were two incidents that happened that were out of our control. But we tried to not let it ruin our spirits. 

We got didn't get a family picture until after most people left. (we didn't get a picture with everyone like we wanted either) As you can see wild hair, attitudes, and mean faces (zoom in on Anna's face) What you don't see is the kids elbowing each other, Anna trying to run away, having to change back into their clothes, etc. 

How was your Thanksgiving?

Overall it went well and we will be hosting again next year. 

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  2. Glad it went well! Our Thanksgiving was very relaxing and quiet and wonderful.

  3. Looks like it was a hectic but delicious Thanksgiving! Great job on hosting and way to go for doing it again next year!


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