Christmas Traditions Part 2

 Hey loves. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the years and I love making all the lasting memories with my kids. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are from around the holidays. Here are a few more of my families favorite Christmas traditions. 

Letting my kids decorate the Christmas trees. The excitement and joy eyes when kids get to be the one to hang the ornaments on the tree is so worth it. We do not live in a "picture perfect" house, are not hiding we have kids, or showing off for anyone. 
I know someone who had a child who doesn't like said child do any decorating because everything has to be perfect. This child has made comments of feeling left out because of this little thing. There is nothing wrong with having to redecorate or rearrange decorations after the kids are done helping. I do go back through and make sure ornaments are secured properly to the branches and they are not all in one place. 

Baking cookies, this isn't just a Christmas thing. Anytime my kids get in the kitchen to help make anything we love. Anna is at the stage she wants to help with everything. Ella is at the stage she can do most things on her own, Austin only wants to help on his terms. 

Messes are memories that last forever.

Pictures with Santa. This year went great, there was a bench in front of Santa and all three kids smiled and told him what they wanted for Christmas. There were no tears or screaming. 

Matching Pajamas. Brian and I have done this since our first real Christmas together. We have actually worn the same ones from the Disney store and gotten the kids new bigger sizes. This year the Disney store came out with a new design that is not red plaid so I bought Ella her size on poshmark and the other two fit into their old ones, I don't know what we are going to do next year. 

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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  1. I love all of your traditions! Christmas traditions are my jam!!


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