Elf on the Shelf Week 3

 Hey loves. We are back for another week of adventures with Gusgus our Elf on the Shelf. Did you miss the fun of week one or week two be sure to check them out.  

Day 15 - December 9

Gusgus was observing from high above making sure the kids are behaving. 

Day 16- December 10

Gusgus was in Candy Cane Lockup 

Day 17- December 11

Gusgus said the banana's needed to be happy. Now the kids won't eat the banana's. 

Day 18- December 12

Gusgus hid 7 candy canes on the trees in the house that the kids had to find. 

Day 19- December 13

Oh No Gusgus got into mom's beer and chocolate

Day 20- December 14

Gusgus wanted to hang out in a wreath and watch everything we were cooking. 

Day 21- December 15
Gusgus somehow ended up in the Christmas tree again, this time he was head first with his legs sticking out. I forgot to take a picture.

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