Our Week- Holiday Chaos

 Hey loves. The kids are on winter break, we have a winter weather warning in our forecast that could bring wind chills below -20, a flash freeze, some snow, and possible wide spread power outages. They have no said a time of when everything is suppose to start as the storm is still shifting so we just wait and see. Fingers crossed nothing is to severe and everyone stays warm and safe this holiday weekend. 

With that I am recapping the last week or so. I slacked on taking pictures with all the holiday chaos.

Monday December 12

Gusgus decided to play a game of find the 7 candy canes hidden on trees around the house. The kids found 6 of them, the 7th candy cane was on my small real grinchmas tree I got from Trader Joes. 

Up early and ready to hit the week running. I knew I had a busy day ahead and if I wanted to get stuff done I needed to start the day early. This is my current much smaller morning stack. The other item not pictured is I listen to an advent from Annie F Downs on either a podcast or a video. 
I got my workout done before anyone was awake and before I had to go pick Ella up from her dads. 

I got home from picking up Ella and I find these two cuddling on the couch. They are so sweet.

All the kids were off to school then I headed to meet my mom at the nursing home my dad was at. 

He was finally being released to come home and rest after his knee surgery. He is doing a lot better and getting more rest at home. Brian also met us at the house to help put risers on the couch to make it 4 inches higher so it is easier for my dad to get up and down. 

After getting my dad situated, it was time to go pick up Anna from preschool. For lunch I made a stuffed chicken breast from Aldi over a bed of shredded Brussel sprouts with everything but the bagel seasoning. It was so good. 

For dinner we had waffle pizza pockets. This turned out to be a win for everyone, I was able to make mine with dairy free cheese. 

This is the smile of a girl who is asking for a shower because she got hot chocolate in her hair somehow. Somedays I don't ask questions. 

Oh sibling love before bed. 

Tuesday December 13

Oh no Gusgus was bad. He got into mommy's beer and chocolate.

I pulled out my mug warmer that I got last year for Christmas. loving drinking my coffee warm.

It was a cuddle day. I was trying to read this book and Anna stole it. (good think she can't read)

Then she decided to grab a book off of the office book shelf. Now she is preparing to be a millionaire. 

We had banana's that needed used up. Normally I just freeze them for my shakes, but we have plenty in the freezer when my kids haven't been eating them while they are fresh. Instead I decided to make some muffins. 

My little helper got the best part of the job, licking the spoons. 

After school Ella had an appointment to have her ears checked out. She didn't pass the hearing test at school, which isn't news to use but she has always passed it at the office. But this time she needed a note filled out from the doctor for the school. At the office she also failed the test, had some wax build up so they flushed it out. Ella goes and sees and ENT in January and an audiologist in February. 

Wednesday December 14

Cereal and watching Disney on the tablet bright and early. I was up early to get my workout done and start the day. As soon as I turned off the light to head to the basement I heard Anna at the top of the stairs yelling for mommy. I brought her down, got her situated and headed to the basement. 

Got my workout in, Anna eventually joined me and just played while I finished my workout. Then it was the craziness of getting everyone else up and ready for school. 

I dropped Anna off at school then headed to the library to get some blogging work done. I didn't want to go home and get distracted by other things and was on a time limit. I had an eyebrow appointment then grabbed a coffee. I still had some time to spare so I sat in a parking lot and did some reading while I waited to pick up Anna. 

Gusgus just hanging around in the kitchen

Brian had his work Christmas party this night and I was suppose to go with him. After lunch I started not feeling good and opted to stay home and rest instead. 

Thursday December 15

I woke up still feeling like crap. I got Ella from her dads, got her to the bus stop and spent the rest of the day on the couch cuddling with this princess. I had a dentist appointment and a happy hour date with a friend scheduled and cancelled them both. 

Friday December 16

I picked up Ella from her dads and come home to find that Gusgus wants to have a snowball fight even though we haven't had any significant snow this year. 

Since I wasn't feeling good the night before Brian took over bedtime duties. Anna somehow ended up wearing a tutu with her pajamas. 

Anna saw the deer in the backyard. While watching them for a while she also rode her deer. 

Thankfully I was feeling better I had a lot to do while Anna was at school. I went and did grocery shopping at Aldi and Target for the next week and a half so I wouldn't have to go out during the last minute holiday rush. I organized and cleaned out the fridge in our garage. I found all the vegetables that were left from Thanksgiving, opps. At least everything but the cucumber was still good so I fed it all to the deer. 

Santa visited Anna at school (when parents were not there so no pictures) and they made a list of what the kids wanted for Christmas. Anna said she wanted a princess doll, which was not on her Christmas list. 

Austin failed his eye test at school so we had to make him an eye appointment. After having issues finding a place that takes kids and our insurance we ended up taking him to Costco. Brian took him out of school early for a 230 appointment. This frame was his favorite but it is not what we ended up getting, but Brian didn't take a picture of the frames he's getting. They should be in after Christmas. 

I had schedule an appointment for pictures with Santa at Cabela's at 4pm. I expected Austin's appointment to be done and that Brian could quickly get the few things we needed from Costco. That ended up not being the case. Thankfully they left Austin and Brian leave for a little break to get his picture taken then went back to Costco to finish his appointment. 

Before leaving Ella asked for a picture outside in the frame. No one else wanted to take a picture with us. 

The picture turned out so cute. All three kids were smiling and looking at the camera. 

After leaving Cabela's Brian and Austin went back to Costco to finish Austin's eye appointment and pick up the few things we needed. Brian then took Austin to a few stores to finish Austin's shopping for other people.

The girls and I headed to my moms to drop off a few things that my dad needed. On our way home we drove by some Christmas light displays and Anna fell asleep. 

When we got home we popped some frozen pizza in the oven and had a cozy movie night at home. 

Saturday December 17

We woke up to a light dusting of snow. 

It was very hit or miss and melted as the sun came up. 

I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry. At noon we had a zoom meet with a few of Brian's extended family opening ornaments that we exchanged last year. Around Christmas everyone got sick with the ick at different times and kept putting off the zoom meeting but we finally did it. A few family members couldn't make it, and a few didn't wait to open their ornaments. It was nice to see everyone from Seattle, to San Diego, to Kentucky, Boston, and Ohio. 

We surprised the kids and took them out to eat at a wood fire pizza place. (yes pizza two nights in a row). Brian and I opted for a white pizza and the kids just got cheese pizza. They kids were so well behaved and all liked the pizza. 

After eating we walked around Crocker Park and checked out their Christmas light displays and did mostly window shopping to get out of the cold. 

Brian and Ella ended the night watching a Christmas Story because she claims she has never seen it and kids at school were picking on her for it.  I am not a fan of the movie. I never watched it as a kid and only watched it for the first time a few years ago and don't get the hype. Side note now Ella wants to go see the house that is less than an hour from us. 

Sunday December 18

Sunday mornings we have pancakes. Brian slept in and Anna was saying she was hungry so I started breakfast. We had pancakes, sausage, and green grinch pancakes. Anna actually ate the pancakes, maybe we need to color them for her to eat them. 

Spinning and singing Let It Go. 

Gusgus has a thing for trying to eat my stuff, this time he was getting into my dark chocolate cookies. (no one else in the house likes dark chocolate)

We were suppose to make cookies the day before but the butter was frozen so we pushed it back to Sunday. Austin helped with chocolate chip cookies. Anna got her hands dirty with gingerbread cookies. 

Austin did help some with the gingerbread too. Ella was busy playing with her friend and didn't want to help. 

A few weeks back Brian found an awesome deal on crab legs for $7.99 a lb so her grabbed a pack. (it was a limit of 2 packs). This was our first time ever making crab legs at home and they turned out so good. Ella's favorite food is crab legs and she enjoyed it. Next time we will have to buy crab crackers to make it easier. 

After dinner we drove around and looked at some more Christmas lights. One neighborhood we saw two horse drawn carriages. 

Monday December 19

What is Gusgus doing to the abominable snowman?

Ella asked for hair like Cindy Lou Who. We used an empty 10 oz water bottle. Before I was even finished Ella said it was to heavy and didn't want it up anymore. She thought it was just different braids. 

Brian and I were sitting on the couch talking and Ella joined us from leaving over the couch. She was in a good mood, which is not normal for a morning. 

Anna had her school program. 

Her facial expressions and smile!!!!!

Anna with her two best friends and the girls I occasionally watch. 

It was a cute program. They sang 5 songs all of which had hand motions. Anna participated and you could hear her. From where we were standing I couldn't get a good luck and her hat was almost over her eyes. Afterwards they sat all the kids down for a group picture. 

After her program we came home, relaxed and eventually I got my workout done. Starting the week off strong and not missing a Monday workout. 

Guess what came? 

The kids letters from Santa. 

Anna loved the snowflakes that were in the envelopes and thought they made great hair accessories. 

Tuesday December 20

Ella woke up not feeling good and we kept her home, even though she wanted to go. Since I didn't have to get her ready or walk her to the bus stop I went downstairs and got my workout in before it was time to get Austin ready for school. 

Keeping Ella home turned out to be a good thing as she got worse as the day progressed, took a nap but did wake up feeling better. 

Gusgus how did you get in there? 

We are now on holiday break and their is a lot of kids arguing already. Is it January 4th yet so the kids can go back to school? 

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  1. I can’t believe how much of the US is getting blasted with these insane temps! Stay warm, you guys!! Glad your dad is getting to come home. Just in time for the holidays!!

  2. The kid letters from Santa with the wax seal on the back is super cute!


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