Holiday Break Recap

 Hey loves. Things are getting back to normal on the home and with school. Outside of that bubble most of Brian's siblings, he is one of seven, are home with his father in hospice. Prayers are appreciated for Brian, his siblings, and his mom. 

Our holiday break did not go as planned to say the least. The kids last day of school was Tuesday, Ella was home sick on Tuesday running a fever. 

Brian's secretary gave us Looney Tunes dominos game. My kids are obsessed with it. We played it a lot. It works great for Anna who matches the character instead of numbers. They also love for me to stand them all up and they get to knock them over. 

Wednesday before Christmas my back had a flair up. I was down for the count for a few days. The first day was the worst with spasms and not being able to get off the floor. I was in a good routine with working out and I did a move that I believe aggravated it and 8 hours later I was in so much pain.  

Doesn't Austin look so handsome with his new glasses. 

Ohio got hit by a winter storm with not much snow but temps that reached -42 degree wind chill. We bundled up in the house and had a fire going most of the day. 

Christmas at the Gilberts was celebrated on the 23rd. This year we switched it up and celebrated early so we didn't have to house hop. 

The kids finally got to decorate their gingerbread houses. Brian found a townhouse set-up that had 3 houses. When I was putting it together I was happily surprised that I could leave the 3 townhouses separate. This year we also used a hot glue gun to stick them together so I didn't have to fight with frosting. 




Anna got a wooden play kitchen and a bunch of play food. They did a lot of playing restaurant. 

Christmas Eve, relaxing night at home just us. We have our traditional lasagna for dinner. The kids got to open one gift, which was from their aunt. This was the best I could get of a picture of them, they wanted nothing to do with it. 

Movie night for Christmas eve watching Home Alone 2. 

Look Santa came.

Christmas morning we opened our gifts and from Santa. The kids woke up after 7am. It was a nice relaxed morning. 

My parents, sister and niece came over to celebrate for the day. My mom made bags that all their gifts fit in. 

We had a late breakfast of sausage egg casserole and an early dinner of rib roast. The kids plays, the adults took naps, we walked the new Matilda the musical and didn't like it. 

Austin's favorite Christmas gift was a remote control At-At from Star Wars. Brian found it on ebay and it is over 40 years old was brand new in the box. 

After Christmas Anna tested positive for Covid, as well as many other family members. If it wasn't for Brian's dad ending up in the hospital on a ventilator we would have just assumed she had a cold. She had a fever one day and was just real huggy. No one else in our house tested positive. 

Even thought she was sick she still had spurts of energy to play. She loves her own personal desk. 

One of Brian's sisters and niece came in from Seattle, which was planned before his dad ended up in the hospital. They normally come over the summer but planned to come for the holidays. Brian, Ella and Austin met them at the zoo one day. It was in the 50s and perfect weather, they ended up seeing a lot of animals outside. 

The week after freezing temps we had temps in the 60s. The kids got outside to enjoy it as much as they could. 

We had a lot of family movie days. Their new choice of movies is all the Tinkerbell movies. 

Some days they didn't nothing but fight, other days/moments they were so sweet and loving to each other. 

New Years Eve, the big Ohio State football game was on the main tv. Brian brought up the basement tv and hooked up youtube streaming of Disney World Epcot fireworks and New Years Eve celebration. The kids are walking on a line of tap to keep them away from the tv. 
Anna asked to go upstairs and cuddle right before 10, but she didn't fall asleep until 1130. Austin fell asleep in the living room around 10 and wouldn't wake up at midnight. (Ella was celebrating with her dad)

Ella got make-up for Christmas, and decided to let Anna do her make-up. It didn't come off easy. 

Who would have thought we would have a fire on December 30 in our driveway when the week before it is was snowing and freezing. The weather turned to be in the 50 and 60s. We had family over and enjoyed spending time together outside. 

Unfortunately we are ending our holiday break with Brian's dad in hospice. So thankful for being able to spend the holidays together and seeing family. 

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