Our Week- A Sad One

Hey loves. First week of 2023 recap. Trigger warning this is the week my father in law passed away. It was a crazy week with a lot going on and a lot of people in and out of our house. I also didn't take very many pictures. 

Monday January 2

The past week Anna had Covid and I just wasn't feeling the greatest. I listened to my body and rested. I was feeling better so I finally got back in the basement for a workout. 

The night before some family from out of town stopped by (we had all rechecked and make sure no one was positive for the ick) and gave the kids their Christmas gifts. One of Anna's gifts was a Bambi stuffed animal. They had no idea of her love for deer. It has become her carry around friend. 

Ella has gotten make up for the last few years for Christmas. Somehow Anna talked the Ella and her friend into letting her do their make-up. 

Oh she even had to do own make-up too. 

I have no idea what the black stuff is, I imagine it is mascara. Thankfully it all washed off.

Tuesday January 3

Last day of winter break calls for a lazy day. Ella's friend was over for a while.

I squeezed in a quick workout while all the kids played.

Brian's niece and her boyfriend came over for a few hours in the afternoon. The boyfriend brought his playstation with him (he brought it from Seattle). Austin and him played a bunch of games and showed each other their minecraft worlds. 

Brian's dad was transferred to hospice on Tuesday evening. At the hospital his dad ripped out all the machines that were attached to him and the iv. He was done. Brian's mom (his dad's wife) and all the kids got together via a phone call or in person and had discussed what his options were and they all agreed on hospice. 

Wednesday January 4

All 3 kids are back in school. I get a few hours to myself and a workout that I didn't have to worry about some cute little girl stealing my sliders. 

She must have had a rough first day back that she needed a nap. 

Austin asked if he was ever going to see Grandpa again. We decided to take Ella and Austin up to hospice to see their Grandpa one last time. He was sleeping and per the nurses, he wasn't going to be waking back up. They did very good with seeing him, holding his hand and saying goodbye. (Anna stayed with my mom for a few hours)
The rest of Brian's siblings also came in from out of state. 

Thursday January 5

This is the only picture I took all day. I can't remember what I did half the day. I know I was preparing to host family and preparing for what was to come. 
I do know that Brian's friends mom brought over a huge pot of rigatoni with meatballs, chicken, and sausage, a salad, and bread. Brian, his mom, and his siblings came home from hospice to eat and relax 

Friday January 6

Brian got the phone call in the middle of the night that his dad had past away. He left and went to his moms. Then him, his mom, and his siblings went to hospice to say their last words. Brian was home in time to stay with Anna and Austin while I went to pick Ella up from her dads. 

I had a dentist appointment scheduled that I had cancelled two weeks prior when I was sick. I went in for what I thought was a cleaning, but ended up just being an exam. they scheduled me for a gum measurements and waiting for approval from insurance for a deep cleaning. 

After the dentist I meet Brian and his family for lunch. There was 13 of us. Everyone sleep deprived, dark circles, and hungry. We went to one of Brian's dad's favorite family owned local restaurant. We got a room in the back and had some time to ourselves. 

After school we told the kids that their grandpa passed away. I don't think they really understand completely. They are still asking questions and we are being honest with them. Their is not funeral, we will be doing a Celebration of Life in the summer as well as a ceremony at the Military cemetery where his urn will be placed. 

Brian's business partner brought over dinner for everyone. Delicious chicken and mushroom rice. We had about 25 people at our house. 

Saturday January 7

Austin had basketball pictures early in the morning. Doesn't he look so handsome with his glasses, hair combed to the side, and smiling. 

Let's hope his picture didn't turn out like this. After pictures he had practice where Brian is the coach. 

Most of the day we just had a lazy day at home. While Brian was at basketball I cleaned the house, vacuumed, and swept and finished up laundry for the week. With the lazy day I took a nap, Anna enjoyed cuddling with us. The way she just grabs your face and squeezes is the sweetest. Anna had been doing really well with sleeping in her own bed but she started crawling into our bed again and cuddling with Brian.

Another night of 20 people at our house and dinner donated. Turkey and ham dinner with mash potatoes and gravy, green beans, Brussel sprouts and peaches. 

Sunday January 8

I love opening the blinds in the morning and seeing the deer outside. This morning a couple of the deer were under the trampoline. 

We needed out of the house and to do something as a family. Why not check out the RV show. We had previously talked about getting a pop-up camper in a few years maybe. But who doesn't love seeing all the different things you can find in a camper. 

My kids favorite is this pull camper that is as tall as a semi and had a loft with beds up top. In this specific one Ella could sit up in the lofts. (There were some she was to short for)

They were surprised to see fire places in the campers also. 

Austin and Anna loved the bunk beds and climbing up in them and talking to the people on the outside. (After talking with a few salesmen and looking at prices, we may get a small camper over a pop-up)


My mom volunteered to make dinner for everyone. She made beef stroganoff, two batches one with mushrooms and one without, salad and rolls. 

Notice how Ella and my mom have the same fake smile. 

And their real smiles. 

Ella talked her dad and a few of her aunts into playing Disney apples to apples. They had a blast playing it. 

We are so thankful for the family and friends we have who have sent food, offered to send food, gave us a shoulder to cry on, been there for us, gave their condolences, etc. This time has been very hard on Brian and without everyone it would have been a lot harder. 

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father-in-law.

  2. So sorry for your loss, you are amazing for keeping up with blogging and going through all of that. =)

    1. thank you. it has given me something to be distracted with.


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