February Current Intentions

 Hey loves. Happy February. Boy am I ready for a new month. This year hasn't gone as planned on so many different levels. Things can only get better right? I am taking a look back at my January Intentions and listing my February goals. I finally feel like I am getting into a good new routine for me too. 

But first linking up with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness for currently.


I am loving this everyday wear fleece. I literally have been wearing it everyday. It is so soft and cozy. (yes it has been washed too) as a coat, and around the house. I am wearing size large. use code AdrienneP10 to save 10% off. I am also loving the Simple Modern 40 oz tumbler. I have been hitting my water goals better since getting a new fun cup. I love that it keeps my water cold, fits in a cup holder, and has a handle. 


Energized and starting to feel like me again. I was in a slump, plus with all the sadness the beginning of the year. I am getting into a good routine with moving my body and drinking my water. (now to work on eating better)


I am posting 5 days a week still on my blog. I have been slacking on posting on social media. I need to get back into the swing of sharing every day life and stop overthinking everything. I am also bringing back recipes this month. It was nice to not be sharing recipes for a month but I honestly miss it and it is my recipe book that I go back to quiet often. 


So much love, condolences we have received this month from friends, family, and co workers. And food. When Brian's dad passed away we had food donated to use for a week straight that fed all 20 - 25 of us. 


Seeing all the snow and loving it. We haven't gotten enough or at the right time for a snow day but it is still beautiful to look out the window and watch. 

January Goals

  • Dry January- no 
  • No Spend January (besides essentials) - no
  • Read/Listen to bible recap everyday- yes I am enjoying listening to the bible on the bible app then listening to the bible recap podcast right after.
  • Start reading Sure as the Sunrise devo on January 9th with book club- yes
  • Plan vacation for 2023- no
  • Workout 5 days a week-no
  • Add more veggies and limit sugar - yes
  • Plan blog content for q1- yes
  • Organize Anna's toys- no
  • Get into the habit of drinking 80 oz of water- yes
1000 hours outside: 
  • June 108 
  • July 106
  • August 125
  • September 77
  • October 41
  • November 20
  • December 5
  • January  8
  • Total - 490
Apple rings closed:  
Move goal 450cal  hit 26 days
Exercise goal 30 minutes hit : 15 days
Stand goal 12 hours hit 31 days 

February Goals

  • Go on a date with Brian
  • Share 2 recipes a week
  • List items for sale on marketplace
  • Heart a day for the kids
  • Read Love Unending
  • Declutter 10 more areas
  • Do something for my mental health
  • Add 1 tangible product to etsy
  • Add 4 printable to etsy
  • Wake up 3x a week before I have to get the kids up
  • Start social media for Gilbert Homes
  • Plan vacation for 2023
  • Add one video a week to youtube 

What is one of your goals for this month? 

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  1. I love your fleece and that mug. I use Yeti mugs, but yours is a lot bigger.

    1. Thanks. I got the bigger tumbler to force myself to drink more water and it worked.

  2. That fleece does look very comfy! I'm sorry to hear about Brian's dad, I hope you and your family are able to continue to heal.

  3. My goal is to make it through February! Ha! There's just not a lot I am looking forward to this month. Ugh. I am also going to try and drink more water because I think that will be better for my overall health and well-being.

    1. Good luck on drinking water. It really makes a difference. I notice the difference in the days I don't drink enough. Hope this month goes quick for you


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