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Monday February 6

Up early starting my week off on the right foot. Making my to do list and intentions for the day and week ahead. While listening to the bible study and bible recap. Photo was taken at 4:51am. oh I also read my love devotional, and sunrise devotional. 

Headed downstairs after my pre-workout kicked in and pressed play. So far this month I have been staying pretty consistent with getting workouts in, while also giving myself grace. 

Ella was with her dad for the weekend so I left at 6:10am to go pick her up. We are back to my house around 6:50 and we are out the door again walking to the bus stop at 7am. The mornings that Ella is at her dad's are hectic and rushed. 

I get home from walking Ella to the bus stop (it is dark and a little ways down the street that we can't see the bus stop from our house so I always walk with her. I also get 10-15 minutes of fresh air a day this way ) When I get home Brian is finishing up my breakfast and coffee. We use to have breakfast every morning together as a family of 5, now we do it just the 4 of us (if Anna joins with breakfast #2).

I took Anna to school, did some grocery shopping and the rest of the day felt rushed. Ella had her cooking class after school so I had to pick her up at 530, the same time Brian and Austin headed off to basketball. 

Austin must have did a lot of running around at basketball. He came home a sweaty mess and his hair standing up. Also a sign her needed a haircut badly. I was trying to leave it longer with his curls but it was becoming to wild. 

Tuesday February 7

Before school morning fun. Anna and Austin were jumping and playing together. 

I needed to go shopping and instead of going while Anna was at school I took her with me. First stop was Costco. Did you see my costco haul

We decided to stop at Slim Chickens for lunch. Anna was excited to eat inside. We both got a meal and came home with so much we could have split one meal and still had leftovers. 

After lunch we went to Giant Eagle, Marcs, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. Anna was so behaved but I could tell she was getting tired. 

We were not even home for 5 minutes and Anna was asleep On the couch. Ella had a drama club that I had to drive her to. 10 minutes before we had to leave Anna moved from the cough to the floor. 

Ella also had Girl Scouts that I dropped her off and picked her up. Made for a day of feeling like I was in the car all day. 

Anna insisted on another bath. I decided to be productive and clean the bathroom at the same time. I do this quiet. I made a reel about it. 

Wednesday February 8

Another early morning workout done. 

While all the kids were at school I treated myself to a haircut. The bangs are shorter than I wanted, the length and layers were not short enough and uneven. I came home and recut it myself, I should have just done it myself in the first place. (i am a licensed hairdresser)

After preschool Anna and I went to the library. I had two books I requested were in and she wanted to pick a few books and play. 

Surprisingly two of her friends also showed up at the library. The three of them when they get together don't understand inside voices. 

It was a weird day that Ella had her cooking class right after school, then went straight to her dads so we didn't see her.
Anna was playing with her digital drawing pad and drew a mermaid for Ella and wanted to show her. I took a picture of it and sent it to Ella. 

Thursday February 9

Early morning workout done. Yes I just got bangs yesterday and I am already wearing them pulled back. 

It was a wet walk to the bus stop, at least I have a cute Minnie Mouse umbrella. 

I dropped Anna off at Grandma's and picked Austin up early from school because he had a doctors appointment with his kidney doctor. (Austin had kidney surgery almost 3 years ago because his urine was baking up into his kidney causing infections and temps up to 105.4) 
His appointment went awesome. Everything is looking great. As long as we don't see any concerns we don't have to go back to her again. It is still a possibility that if he holds his urine, doesn't pop regularly, gets frequent uti's , etc. that he could reverse his surgery or cause other problems. Even though we don't have to go back to the kidney doctor, it is something we will always have to keep an eye on. 

After the doctor we went to Menards to pick up a new chandelier. While Brian was waiting in line Austin and I wondered around the store. 

It was another crazy warm day. 

Friday February 10

The kids went to school, Brian had a long 12 hour day ahead with lots of driving. Nothing to eventful happened in the morning. 

Anna came home from school and wanted to play kitchen. 

After school Ella was hungry and made herself (and Anna) an oreo mug cake that she learned to make in her cooking class.

Since Brian wasn't home I declared homemade pizza and movie night. We each had our own pizza to make. The kids picked Disney Zombies 3 as their movie. Anna said it was to scary so she watched Mickey Mouse on her tablet. 

Saturday February 11

I took a lot of pictures and planned a day in the life post weekend edition for next month with the Not Just a Mom link-up be sure to check back Monday March 13 when I recap this day.

Sunday February 12

Anna let us sleep in until 7. I got up and made a special breakfast. We had pink waffle hearts. 

After cleaning up breakfast I did all four haircuts. They also all got showers/baths too. 

Ella had requested to make a homemade apple pie. She got started on peeling the apples. 

Anna helped dice the apples. 

Ella (with some of Anna's help) made the apple pie by herself. 

Brian was working all day. The girls played together wonderfully. Austin either was playing in his room or on Xbox. Ella did play Xbox with him for a little bit too. 

Ella's pie turned out delicious. 

For dinner Ella helped make mini turkey meatballs to go with heart shaped pasta. 
It was super bowl Sunday. I had no desire to watch it. Brian went to his brothers house as I stayed home with the kids. 

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