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 Hey loves. It has been a while since I did a question and answer post. I posted on Instagram a question box yesterday. I also had a few questions saved from last time I did a q & a. Here you go with 5 of those questions. 

Do you make dinner every night? Do your kids eat everything you make? 

One night a week we do order out. One night a week we eat leftovers. The other 5 nights a week I do make dinner. Once it is grilling season again Brian does cook a lot more, because I don't touch the grill. 

No my kids don't eat everything I make. I wish they did but they don't. The other night Anna picked cereal to eat for dinner. When I make them something different it is usually something easy like cereal, grilled cheese, chicken fries thrown in the air fryer, or a sandwich.

Are you still loving your new house? Did you let your kids have an input when you were house hunting?

Yes we are still loving the new house, more space, and lets not forget the deer. We are working on projects and making this house our home and personalized little by little. 

Yes and no on getting the kids input on the house. Every house we saw they said they loved, even the ones with weird layouts or not enough bedrooms. Before we moved we talked about what the kids wanted in a new house and one was for them to each have their own rooms, and their own space. 

How are you motivated to work out everyday?

I am not motivated. Motivation comes and goes and you can't rely on motivation to get anything done continuously. Right now I am disciplined to get my workout

What are your plans for Spring Break?

Nothing excited planned yet. Ella has a "doctor block" of appointments one day. She will be seeing 4 doctors one after another for her hearing loss. 

Besides that we will probably just do little road trips. Weather depending maybe we will go down to Columbus. 

What questions do you have for next time? or I can answer in the comments. 

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