March Current Intentions

 Hey loves. Happy March. It's a new month. I have a bunch of new exciting things in the works for family adventures, fun crafts, house projects, business adventures, and more. I can't wait to share it all and bring you along on the journey. If you didn't see yesterday's post please go back and give me your feedback. 

It's the first Wednesday of the month. I am taking a look back at my intentions for last month and sharing my intentions for this month. 

But first linking up with Jennifer over at Overflowing with Thankfulness for currently.

loving (this is going to be a prompt every month)

I got this idea from Dara over at Not In Jersey sharing what brought me joy this month

  • spending time every day reading a physical book
  • spending time every day intentionally with Brian
  • started planning our Disney vacation for this summer
  • getting into a healthy skincare routine for my face. I know that sounds weird but I use to be horrible at remembering to wash my face, take off my make-up and take out my contacts. 
  • little sparks of color and hearts from my Valentine's Day decor around the house.
  • getting into a morning routine again for me


A few new fun projects.
  • 20 - 20- 20 workout group- 20 minutes a day for 20 days with 20 days of supplements. It is a 4 week program so 5 days a week 20 minutes a day. If you are looking to start, or get back into a healthy fitness routine this a great ease your way back into it. 
  • making physical items to sell on my etsy shop, launching next month. Hint- If you are a physical book reader stay tuned.
  • new digital items on etsy, if you have kids they will love it. 

I am finally finishing a workout program that I started in December. It is only an 8 week program but I gave myself a lot of grace and am finally finishing the last few workouts in the program. Life happens (sick, family deaths, sick kids, everyday life) that can get in the way. Instead of starting again I just continued on and will be done this week.

More adventures in sourdough making. I gave up on my own sour dough starter. For whatever reason I could not get my starter to double in size. I have purchased a dehydrated starter from a girl I follow on Instagram and going to give hers a try. I have seen her share others who have used her starter with success. Wish me luck. 

(where we're ) going
To the library a lot. Anna loves to go and play with the toys they have and pick out new books to read. Last night she asked me to read her 10 books, of which I did. 

February Goals

  • Go on a date with Brian- yes
  • Share 2 recipes a week- yes
  • List items for sale on marketplace- started
  • Heart a day for the kids- yes
  • Read Love Unending- yes
  • Declutter 10 more areas- yes
  • Do something for my mental health- yes got into a good morning routine then I got sick
  • Add 1 tangible product to etsy- no
  • Add 4 printable to etsy- no
  • Wake up 3x a week before I have to get the kids up- yes
  • Start social media for Gilbert Homes- no
  • Plan vacation for 2023- started
  • Add one video a week to youtube - no
1000 hours outside: 
  • June 108 
  • July 106
  • August 125
  • September 77
  • October 41
  • November 20
  • December 5
  • January  8
  • February 14
  • Total - 504
Apple rings closed:  
Move goal 450cal  hit 21 days
Exercise goal 30 minutes hit : 15 days
Stand goal 12 hours hit 27 days 

March Goals:
  • Go on a date with Brian
  • Take Ella on a one on one
  • Get dressed everyday, I may still be in comfy pants but different tops and change out of workout gear. This is also so I can see what fits and what I don't like and get rid of it.
  • Do my make-up and hair everyday (even if it does end up in a clip or hair tie by the end of the day)
  • Read two memoirs
  • Read 1 personal development
  • Read 2 just for fun
  • Co-host 3 week Cleanse and Clean Challenge 
  • Host 3 week 20, 20, 20 fitness challenge
  • Complete 5 more master list cleaning
  • Take down Valentine's decorations 
  • Put up Easter decorations
  • Pantry Purge with Healthy Mama Kris
  • Plan on outing with a friend 
  • Complete 20 day workout program
  • Continue 60 day skincare challenge (currently on day 19)
  • Complete 7 day cleanse
  • Go for a walk outside any day it is over 50 degrees with Anna
  • Plan Easter baskets
What are your goals/intentions for March? 

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  1. I can't wait to hear about the Etsy store!

  2. I need to get my sourdough going again. My friend sent me a fresh starter but I haven't fed it to get it ready to bake with yet. Good luck with yours, and with your other upcoming projects!

  3. I do love reading a physical book, though I need to focus on some e-books I have too. haha

    Lauren @


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