Our Week with not feeling well

 Hey loves. Last week I was not feeling the greatest. The change of the weather back and forth took its toll on me and I got a head cold/ sinus something and was just blah. There was lots of resting and not many pictures. Fingers crossed I stay healthy with the crazy weather again this week. Lets take a look ...

Monday February 20

The kids had off school and I became one with the couch. I wasn't feeling well so I spent my day relaxing and reading. I was so thankful for Ella and Austin to be home to play with Anna. 

Ella has been asking for a while for me to set her up a profile on my Myx bike. I kept putting it off for no real reason. I finally set it up for her and she did her first calibration ride. Not exactly what she expected but now she is ready to go.

The weather was decent, but not really that warm. The kids wanted to play outside so they bundled up and went outside. They lasted on and off for about two hours. 

Tuesday February 21

Happy Fat Tuesday/ Mardi Gras

Before school cuddles. Anna and Austin shared some cuddles and tablet time before Austin had to go to school. They boke had woke up early. 

Brian treated us to packi's from Fragapane which is a local baker. My favorite is filled with custard. 

Anna has taken over my living room with her playing. She had been good of keeping her toys in the toy room. She decided she wanted to be close to me and brought everything into the living room. 

Ella came home from school and left stickers sitting out. Anna found them and decided to decorate her baby doll. 

Austin came home from school and we went straight to doing his homework. He had sight works and a book to read. 

Earlier in the day Anna and I made sour dough banana bread. (then my starter decided it didn't want to rise anymore). Anna helped with the whole thing, made a big mess, but helped me clean it up. She even took baby wipes to the floor where she dumped a bunch of flour. It was well worth it because the bread was delicious. 

Wednesday February 22

I had a low key somewhat relaxing day with no huge plans. The kids all went to school and I relaxed on the couch watching a Christmas movie that is still on my Frndly app Dvr. 

It really was a crappy day with lots of rain. When it was time for Austin to get off the bus it was down pouring, it is hard to tell in the picture. 

When the rain finally stopped the deer came out of the woods and were eating our bushes. They are going to be so sad when we redo the landscaping and take out the bushes. 

Thursday February 23

After Anna ate her breakfast and Brian and I were eating out breakfast Anna decided she wanted to color. She found a piece of pink chalk in with crayons. She turned herself pink. 

Most of our morning consisted of playing and cuddling, this is Anna's new trend she is all about lots of cuddles. 

My parents stopped by for a surprise visit. They were out this way for my dad's doctors appointment. My parents played a game of dominos with Anna then my mom played kitchen with her for a little bit too. 

After my parents left we enjoyed the nice day playing outside for a little bit. When Austin got home from school we went to the playground for a little bit too. 

Friday February 24

Finally feeling better. Kids are off to school. I got my grocery shopping done and a workout done before I had to pick Anna up. 

While laying on the couch with Anna watching tv my heart rate jumped for no reason. My heart rate doesn't get this high when I am working out. It stayed like this for a good 20 minutes. I have this same issue when I was pregnant with Anna, but tests came up inconclusive. This is the first time in a long time that this happened. 
After this episode I just felt like resting. I was suppose to volunteer to help Ella's Girl Scout troop for an event but found a replacement. (I go to see a dr Friday)

Instead we had a fire and watch a live stream of Disney World with ResortTV1, which is one of Brian's favorite Disney youtubers to watch. 

Saturday February 25

Saturday morning we woke up to a nice dusting of snow. I didn't even know it was suppose to snow, it wasn't snowing at 230 when I couldn't sleep so I moved to the couch for a few hours. The snow didn't last long as the temps that day were in the mid 40s. 

We dropped Anna of at Grandma's (so thankful for family to watch my kids when needed) and headed to Austin's last basketball game. He had fun and I love seeing the progression in him from the first game to the last (which was 4 games). His team won too. It was a great ending to the season.

The rest of Saturday was low key at home. Brian had to work some and the kids and I just played and did some housework, aka folding laundry. 

Sunday February 26

A girlfriend talked us into going to her church with her Sunday morning. Anna and Austin had never been to church before. This church had tables in the back, behind the pews for families to sit at with little activity bags to keep the kids entertained. There were pop its, coloring pages, and a few other things in each bag. Anna did so well, she even got up and did the kids activities with her friends. (having friends there helped). Austin was shy and just stayed by us. After the service was bible study for the kids. Again Austin didn't want to go so stayed with us. Anna went to bible study with her friends, they did some coloring and dancing.

After church Brian invited my girlfriend, her girls, and her boyfriend over for a pancake brunch. The kids played while the adults talked and Brian cooked. 

Our next adventure was the Cleveland Auto Show. I do NOT recommend taking 4 kids to the car show who are bored, full of energy, want to sit in every vehicle, don't want to walk .... We did get to see some vehicles and didn't see anything to our wanting that wasn't huge, which is the reality of what we want. 

I did find Ella a purple pearlesint while mustang. 

I loved a chrome illusion lamborghini (pictured above) and a blue ferrari. I was surprised to see so many high end cars this year. 

Brian and I went back and forth with carrying Anna. This was our first real outing that we didn't take her stroller. I carried her on my hip, Brian preferred on his shoulders. 

After an exciting morning Anna fell asleep in the car on the way home. When we got home she was sad that her friends didn't come home with us again. A little later their friend from across the street came over to play. 

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