Our Week with St Patrick's Day

Hey loves. A weird week and some green. lets take a look back

Monday March 13

Starting my week and Monday off with an early morning workout. I was out the door a little after 6 to pick up Ella. Then it was getting her ready for school. 

Right before it was time for Austin' to leave to walk to the bus stop I look out the door and see our deer friends in the side yard. 

My first attempt at sourdough sandwich bread. It rose a little more than I would have liked but still so good, the kids have been having it for lunch everyday. I prepped the bread the night before and in the morning and forgot I wasn't coming straight home at dropping Anna off at school and went grocery shopping, which also took longer than expected because their credit card machines were done, who carries cash anymore. 

Anna must have had a rough day at school. We were cuddling before dinner time and she took a nap. She was also crabby and needed it, but lap naps equal a struggle at bedtime. 

Austin requested that I buy lemons so he could eat one. He must have say someone on youtube try it. He took one bite and spit it out. Ella on the other hand ate her whole slice. 

Tuesday March 14

Ella was on the couch, then Anna finished her breakfast and kicked Ella off the couch. My electric blanket doesn't reach anywhere else so Ella decided to lay on the ground. Welcome to early morning kids arguing. 

We got some snow, but not much. It was a cold crunchy walk to the bus stop and back. 

Before Austin headed off to school, him and Anna build a tower, then kicked it down. 

Cardio workout done in the living room. I told Anna I was going downstairs to workout and she said no workout out here. Good thing it was cardio day. She worked out with me some and did some cooking aka playing with her toys. 

Anna was suppose to go to my parents for the day but the roads by my parents were crappy from the snow. The night before Anna requested that I pack her a lunch too. She still got to enjoy her lunch, not that she ate much of it. 

Anna is currently obsessed with Paw Patrol. I was surprised to see a pup that had wheelchair back legs. 

shrimp taco salad for dinner. 

Wednesday March 15

These two had their first ever dentist appointment. Don't judge. We had issues with insurance and finding a place that took kids that wasn't in a bad neighborhood. 

I brought their drawing tablets with us to keep them entertained. 

Bluey was also playing on the tv. In the waiting room was another little boy that wasn't listening to his mom and running around. I think them seeing him getting yelled at helped them to behave

While waiting I noticed that a screw was coming out of Austin's glasses. 

They both did so good at the dentist. Anna listened, answered their questions, opened her mouth and there were no tears. Austin did the same and had to get xrays since he has a few adult teeth already. 

We had a 30 minute drive home. We stopped at Dollar Tree to grab an eye glass kit to try and fix Austin's glasses, which I wasn't able to fix. They both got to pick one thing too. After the Dollar Store we grabbed McDonalds for lunch, ate at home then it was time to take Austin back to school as his lunch/recess was almost over. 

Anna picked out a Frozen Elsa craft at the Dollar Tree. She asked for help making it. It was only stickers but they were thick and hard for her to take off the paper. 

It turned out the cutest. She had thought it would make her hair blonde like Elsa and the girl in the picture so she was a little disappointed but eventually was ok with her craft. 

After school the plan was to take Austin to Costco to get his glasses fixed where we bought them. He ended up eating dinner and falling asleep on me, which never happens. 

Thursday March 16

Another day another batch of something sourdough. I tried a different recipe for sourdough bagels. These were my best so far with size, and density. Sooo good. The bad thing is they don't stay fresh as long so we have to eat them within a few days. 

I also decided to try some sourdough discard crackers. Anna insisted on helping, which can be good and bad. The crackers flavor was good. Consistency could have been thinner. 

Finally got in a much needed workout. 

Before Ella went to her dad's we all (meaning Anna, Ella, and myself) painted out nails green. 

Lazy butt decided to color after dinner but didn't want to sit up. 

A look at the crackers Anna and I made inside a jar I picked up from a thrift store. 

After school Brian took Austin to get his glasses fixed. Turns out the frame was bent to much so they couldn't get the screw back in. (I was under the impression the types of frames he had couldn't be broken which is why we got them). Thankfully they had another frame at the store we were able to swap out. 

Friday March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I picked up Ella from her dads and rushed home to get ready for school. 

Mom fail of getting a good picture. Ella had on green pants and a green shirt with a black skirt. Her hair was sprayed green, green eyeshadow and a shamrock on her face. 

Delish bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. 

Anna looking cute wearing green. I asked for a smile and this is what I got, and 10 more pictures about the same. Her personality is really shining

Another lets cheese and I get a huge kiss. I will take it. 

This was the only dressy green top I own, besides a sweater and it kinda nice out. I have a meeting at Brian's work with his manager to discuss his social media that I am now running. 

Off to school, I tried to give her green eyeshadow but she insisted on the bright pink. 

She made the cutest leprechaun at school. 

Austin had green on too, it was a shirt with a green baby Yoda but he wouldn't let me take a picture. 

Mom life at it's finished. I am trying to go to the bathroom by myself and Anna comes in. I tell her to go away, she closes the door with herself in it with the lip out. Everyone else was home at this time so it wasn't like she was alone. 

Before bed block building. 

Anna and daddy played before bed. 

Saturday March 18

The kids were up early. I decided we were going to watch a movie together like we use to. I picked Hunchback of Notre Dame. They had no real interest in the movie. I tried watching but they kept talking then I started breakfast. 

Anna said she wanted eggs and coffee. 


More sourdough bread making with my helpers. 

Ella also decided she wanted to make cupcakes. 

and did Anna's makeup.

Raspberry cream cheese bread was so good. 

Ella headed off to a birthday party to her friend down the street. 

More sourdough bread. 

The day before Brian came home with flowers for the girls. I got the tulips, Anna got yellow and Ella got purple. For no reason. 

I am doing a pantry purge and trying to use what we have on hand. I was able to make a 5 bean chili. 

This girl will sit and spin forever. I get dizzy watching her. 

Sunday March 19

Lazy Sunday catching up on everything around the house. Including like 7 loads of laundry. 

Sunday mornings we have pancakes or waffles. Anna sat at her own table.

We spent some time with our neighbors who had just gotten back from Disney World. The kids had fun playing together. 

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