Our Week- the rash

 Hey loves. Just when I think life is going to go back to normal and kids back to school, things hit the fan again. My theory is we are getting everything over with before we go on vacation in a few weeks and before Anna starts Kindergarten, she has one more year of preschool. 

Monday April 17 

It was a rough night with me being sick and freezing. Brian ended up sleeping on the couch so I had the bed to myself and tossed and turned until about 3am. I had to get up at 6 to go pick up Ella from her dads. The rest of the day I spent on the couch just resting. Anna and I had a nap together. Brian worked in and out of the house taking care of me and Anna. He also took Anna to and from school.

The change of the weather didn't help. Last week we were in the 70s and 80s enjoying Spring Break to its fullest. Now we are having snow flurries. 

Tuesday April 18

I woke up still feeling like crap and a sore throat. Since all 3 kids had strep last week I went to the express clinic just to make sure I didn't have strep as well. My test came back negative and the doctor told me it was viral to just rest and lots of fluids. So that is what I did. Lots of cuddles, Paw Patrol and naps again. 

Wednesday April 19

Austin found this turtle puzzle my mom bought for him when he was like 2, but it was to hard for him to do so it got put up. It has become a new favorite for him (with his obsession with turtles) and Anna who is loving doing puzzles right now. 

I woke up feeling 100% better. I took Anna to school, came home got a few things done and got a much needed workout done to get my body moving. Brian was working from home not feeling well. He also tested negative for strep but was given a z-pack of meds. It has just been sick for us all. 

Brian watched Anna while I took Ella to her 3 month follow up for her hearing test. Her hearing hasn't changed. We go back again in 6 months, unless anyone of us notice a difference in her hearing. 

Thursday April 20

Welcome to life with a 7 year old boy who has a wonderful imagination. Austin used a 2x4 as a plank for his cars to crash off of. 7am is to early for these adventures. Luckily I was paying attention while walking up the stairs. 

Anna woke up with a rash. Her stomach was were I first noticed it. She had been scratching too. 

I took her to the express care. They had no idea what it was, but were able to give me the proper dosage of Benedryl  and recommended putting hydrocortisone cream on the rash. She also got lots of stickers. 

Anna saw my shake mix in the cupboard while looking for snacks and requested a shake and cheers. She ended up drinking half my shake. 

It ended up being a gorgeous day. We were outside playing when it was time for Ella to get off the bus. Anna ran to the bus stop to meet her. 

Oh the look of why are you taking a picture mom. 
Anna also meet Austin when her got off the bus. She also tried to get on the bus so I didn't get to take a picture. 

Before dinner fun. The neighbor kids came over to jump on the trampoline then brought over their jeep to drive around our "off road like" backyard. Austin and Clayton ended up getting the jeep stuck in a big whole we didn't know we had. 

Anna and GiGi are bother crazy drivers and neither of the girls are ever going to get their drivers license. As they tried to run over the moms. 

Friday April 21

More adventures in Anna's rash. She woke up with more spots and one of her face. We opted to keep her home from school. 

It started off gorgeous outside. Anna and I cleaned out the garage some, took pictures of items to sell on the market place, and played outside. 

She requested to come inside and cuddle. Next thing I know she is sleeping. 

Anna took a nice long nap and woke up with her feet swollen, looking bruised and it hurt to walk. Off to the Urgent Care. On our way there she had her first accident in the car and I didn't have a change of clothes for either of us. Brian ended up bringing us up the diaper bag and I changed her. 

We left with no answers or solutions besides to follow up with her primary care. 

Here is her upper leg before bed. 

Ella went to her schools talent show with her friend then was having a sleepover. Austin had baseball practice. They only lasted about 30 minutes before it started storms. 

Austin talked Brian into building him a fort in his room to sleep in. Anna also decided she wanted to sleep with him too. They slept together all night. 

Here is what their fort looks like. At night they also have a blanket hanging that makes a door. 

Saturday April 22

Anna woke up with more spots. She was up bright and early at 627, came in my room opened the blinds and yelled "It's Morning" then asked for cereal. 

After picking Ella up from her sleepover Anna somehow talked Ella into building her castle in her room for her. She said she wanted to sleep in in. (that never happened) 

Most of the days the kids fought, I got some stuff done around the house and Brian worked. 

Brian wanted to get out of the house as a family and do something. So we went out to dinner. He originally wanted to go out to eat an hour away but I wasn't up to the drive with my back bothering me and Anna was very moody. We ended up going to Harry Buffalo has great service, delicious food, and the kids were good. Afterwards we stopped by Dick's Warehouse and got myself a new pair of shoes. 

This is the worst it has looked and you can tell she had bee scratching. 

Family movie night, brownies, and a fire. Ella picked Pirates of the Caribbean as I said we should watch something to prepare for Disney World. 

Sunday April 23

Saturday night around 930 Brian and the kids heard something outside (I was putting Anna to bed and had the sound machine on). They thought it was an animal getting into the garbage can. Did see anything and left it at that. Sunday morning Brian woke up to seeing a fire truck pulling away. Turns out there was a hit and run with our light post. Our cameras don't point towards the street and we live in a turn. The car not only hit the light post but also flipped the rock in our neighbors yard. 

More marks on her face. 

Brian worked most of the day. Ella, Austin, and Anna played and got along for the most part. I did a lot of odds and ends around the house. After Brian got home from work I took Ella shopping for a bathing suit. We had no luck at Target so we headed to Walmart. (they are both close) She found one she liked, we also found her new shorts for this summer. I think she is all set with clothes for vacation. 

Brian made an amazingly delicious dinner. We had tomatoes and zucchini that needed used up. I have no idea what he put in it but it was good. Chicken, basil, tomatoes, red wine sauce with tomato paste, mushrooms, potatoes...... 

One of the projects I have been working on is items to physically add to my etsy shop. I had these keychains in my drawer. These would be great for Mother's Day, graduation, birthday, etc. 

Also bookmarks. This is my way of also trying to earn some spending money for vacation. 

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  1. When my son was little, he had a similar rash that lasted for about a week. The pediatrician couldn't really tell us what it was except probably a virus. It was a mystery. I'm glad no one was hurt by the hit and run.


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