Our Week week of sickness

   Hey loves. A week full of sickness going around the house. 3 out of the 5 of us got sick, it was oh so fun. At the same time it is like I am waiting for the other 2 to get sick. That being said it was an off week and not many pictures. 

Monday March 20

Up early starting my week off on the right foot. Mindset morning and workout done before the kids even got up. 

Austin woke up with an upset stomach again. He had energy and couldn't understand why he couldn't go to school but spent a lot of the morning in the bathroom. He also took an afternoon nap which he never does, so you know his body was fighting some soft of virus. 

Tuesday March 21

My current morning stack. Gratitude journal, Question a Day Journal, and Sure as the Sunrise devotional. Not picture my kindle where I am reading a personal development book

Anna was suppose to go to Memaw's again and I packed her a lunch. It didn't happen two weeks in a row so she ate her lunch at home. 

With everyone being sick I made some time for myself to press play on a workout. 

Ella was home sick on Tuesday. You know she is sick when she also takes a nap because she never naps. 

Wednesday March 22

Up early for a workout before anyone else got up. Thankfully everyone was feeling better and went to school.

She must have had a fun day at school that she fell asleep in the car on the way home. We stopped at the Dollar Tree and got her some fries from Burger King. She was awake when we got the food, she was asleep in the 4 minute drive home. 

At Dollar Tree she found some princess coloring pages that came with markers. This is the first time she colored in the lines and the right colors. 

She also made a new sticker hair mask of Ariel. Brian helped her with it as I was laying in bed starting not to feel good. 

Thursday March 23

My niece Claudia was on Spring Break. I watched her for a couple of hours while my mom had a procedure done at the hospital. Claudia and Anna were best friends with lots of hugs and kisses. 

They played, colored, watched tv, had tickle fights. And they both didn't want Claudia to go home. 

After Claudia left Anna ended up taking a nap, she must have had to much fun it wore her out. 

Nothing like a dramatic Ella falling in the house when she got home from school. She said she was being followed by a garbage truck. Why yes it is garbage day and they do pick up every house on our street. 

Brian and I were suppose go to a comedy club with his work. I still wasn't feeling the greatest and not up to eating crappy food so we canceled. Instead I had kids who wanted mom. 

Friday March 24

You can't see that I am on the tablet. 

After taking Anna to school I came home and got a workout done. My stomach was no longer bothering me. 

That didn't last long than I was in the bathroom like bud had been earlier in the week. Thank you kids for their germs. Its crazy how it hits everyone different. 

Friday night my mom was suppose to watch my kids so Brian and I could go to the Amvets, where Brian's parents met, for a fish fry. I was still feeling like crap and not up to eating so I sent Brian with his family and I stayed home with my kids. Instead we had a movie night watching Mary Poppins. 

Saturday March 25

Saturday I was feeling so much better. My sister and I went to a local consignment shop. I got all 3 kids some summer clothes for vacation. 

A lazy Saturday calls for an afternoon nap. 

Brian went an played poker with some friends. Another night with just me and the kids. We started watching Mary Poppins Returns. 

Sunday March 26

We got up, got ready and made it to church on time. 

Before leaving for church I started making sourdough cinnamon rolls. We needed a few more ingredients. After church we dropped in a store, grabbed what we needed and came home made a delicious brunch. 

I also made sun dried tomato mozzarella bread. It is my current favorite. 

For celebrated my brother in laws birthday at Grandma's house. Anna had fun listening to music and dancing without a care in the world. Austin had a listening problem and snuck in the bedroom and was playing on grandma's tablet. Now he is grounded from the tablet at home. 

This weekend we also noticed my car was burning oil and the our new hot water tank stopped working. Not how we wanted the end the weekend and start a new week. 

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