12 Tips to Help Your Sanity

 Hey loves. How are you doing? As you may know if you are following along we have been having a rough few weeks, months, year in general. I was talking with a girlfriend and she asked how I am keeping my sanity with everything going on? It has taken work but can make a major difference in my mindset, how I am feeling, and the envir0nment around me (your kids vibe off you). Today I am sharing some tips to help your sanity. Especially when you can't seem to catch a break. 

12 Tips to Help Your Sanity

  1. Starting each day with gratitude. Writing down 3 things you are grateful for. I use a simple gratitude journal like this
  2. Move your body for 20 - 30 minutes day. It doesn't have to be an intense workout. I am currently loving this 30 minute a day 5 days a week program.   On nice days getting outside for a walk or playing with the kids. 
  3. Play music in the house. In the morning we listen to Disney piano, later in the day it is normally country. If I am by chance home without kids it maybe some 90-2000s pop, rock or hip hop. We have echo dots in each room to play music everywhere. 
  4. Connect with loves ones regularly. I Facetime my parents at least once a day and have a group chat with my best friends.
  5. Limit exposure to negative news. I can't tell you the last time I actually watched the news. Social media can be just as bad.
  6. Cooking- when everything else around me I can't control what I cook and back I can control the outcome. I have found a love for taking the time to make sourdough bread and other bakery items with sourdough. Bonus it also doesn't upset my stomach
  7. Get outside. Even if just for a for a few minutes, some fresh air, hearing the birds, and sunshine can change your mood.
  8. Know your priorities- what has to get done, and what can get put off. 
  9. Write everything down- from to do list, grocery lists, schedules, etc. Helping to keep yourself organized, knowing what is coming up, and not forgetting anything important. 
  10. Screen time isn't the end of the world- When Anna wasn't up to playing we found the Noggin nap that app that has some fun games, that are also educational. 
  11. Stay positive- this is only a season and things will get better. 
  12. Ask for help. I am guilty of trying to do everything myself. Sometimes you need to ask for help weather it be with dinner, laundry, needing a babysitter, or just time to take a shower. 
What do you do when things aren't going right and your trying to keep your sanity?

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