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 Hey loves. Happy Wednesday. It has been a slow week but I feel like I am unmotivated to get anything done. Next week starts our craziness with all the end of the year activities for school. We are currently at 15 days until we leave for vacation and I really need to start packing to make sure I don't need to go buy anything else. I ordered shirt the other day from Old Navy and ended up not liking them. I hate that you can't return to the store that you have to mail return. Now I also have to find new shirts. 

Is Anna going into Kindergarten next year since you said preschool is over?

No she is only 3, will be 4 in July and has one more year which will be pre-k. In the fall she will go back 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. 

What headbands do you wear the most when working out?

90% of my headbands are from The Be Brand. (use code adriennep10 to save 10%)

This one is the tie-up style 

This is the boho knot style 

This is the active fit

You have been wearing your eye liner winged, what is your secret? 

An eye liner stamp, who know it was such a thing. You can make it drastic or subtle. I switch it up by what I am doing that day. It does take a little practice but isn't hard to use. 

What is your current go to snacks? 

My go to if I am at home is a veggie plate with cucumber, celery and carrots with a side of Olive Garden ranch.

If I am on the go I always have Beachbars on me. 

I also have a shake everyday usually in the afternoon. I blend with half banana, 8 oz water, 8 oz coconut milk, some PB2. 

How is Ella doing with her hearing loss?

She is doing really well with it. If it weren't for her not passing the school hearing test we would have never known she had a hearing loss so she doesn't know any different. 

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