Hello Monday Quick Weekend Recap

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. Things are starting to get hectic with the end of school activities, baseball season, getting ready for vacation, and all the things. Lets throw in a head cold to the mix as well. I swear it is always something and we never seem to catch a break. This week is the calm before the storm for the most part. I am trying to catch up on so many things and prepare for so much more. Next week is when all the crazy school schedules, field trips, and everything else starts. 

Last Friday I took Audrianna to the police memorial parade and the memorial service for the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. It was neat to see, sad at the same time. Next year I think we are going to take the kids out of school for this. I went with my girlfriend who is a police officer, and Brian has talked about getting back into it as well. 

Anna is going to be devastated her last day of school is Wednesday until the fall. This morning she only asked a million times if it was time for school. I am glad that she loves school. 

Ella had a sleepover on Saturday night with two of her friends. It started with them swimming for a few hours at the rec center, home for pizza, ice cream and fun. Who knows what they did. I went upstairs to watch tv (finally getting to watch Queen Charlotte) Somehow they ended up sleeping downstairs, brought down 2 mattresses, but Ella ended up on the couch. 

The other two slept on Ella's mattress. They were behaved, had manors, played with Anna when she came home. We just need to plan better so they sleep in Ella's room.

While Ella had her sleepover at the house, Austin and Anna had a sleepover at Grandma's. Right after Austin came home he went across the street to play with his friend for a few hours. He came home to rest for a little bit before we headed back over there for dinner. He ended up falling asleep and took a 30 minute nap. 

Anna did the same thing. 
Anna also went to church with me. I picked her up from her first sleepover at Grandma's where she did wonderful. (she has had sleepovers at MeMaws). We went to the last Sunday school until after summer then she came home and played with Ella and her friends then went to Austin and played with his friends.

I spent most of the day Sunday after church napping and just relaxing trying to fight this head cold that is kicking my butt. We had dinner across the street with our neighbors. They smoked ribs and we gave them a full chicken to smoke too. All day Brian was working with them building a garden we are going to share. They have a fenced in backyard that gets sun.

Overall we had a great weekend. It shows all the fun we are going to have this summer. 

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  1. Love how you went upstairs to do your thing and decompress while the sleepover was happening- I love doing that now too!

  2. I hope the gardening goes well! I loved it when we had a garden! Sunday naps after church are the best! I'm glad that your girl had a good sleepover :) Have a great week! So nice to meet you!


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