Workouts Spring Edition

 Hey loves. How is Spring weather where you are? It has finally warmed up and we are spending as much time outside as possible. We are counting down the days until summer and vacation. I have had a few requests and questions  my current workout routine and how I a staying active. 

Let's start with a back story- If you are new here, Hi I am Adrienne. I am on my own personal wellness journey as well as been partnered with Bodi for the past 8 years. That's crazy to say that. Everyone's journey is different. After my second child I lost the weight and was in the best shape. Then I had my last daughter almost 4 years ago, breastfed for 3 of those years, and losing the weight again has been a struggle. I am over 35, which isn't that old, but my body says otherwise. I inspire women of all ages to be the best version of themselves at every age and love themselves as they are. I may not be the fittest but I am thriving to be be active and around for my kids. 

As a stay at home mom of three I have learned I have to plan for my workouts. Otherwise life gets in the way including kids that are needy. The past few weeks 

Side Notes:

  • Life isn't perfect, working out doesn't always go as planned. There are days it doesn't happen, there are days I have to press pause what feels like a million times, and there are days I smash the workout. 
  • Even though I may not always show up for me, I always show up for my clients. 
  • I may not always be documenting what I am doing but there we are always up to something, weather it be jumping on the trampoline or at the playground with my kids, chasing them around, doing fun Yoga stretches with Noggin, or doing nightly stretches, etc. 
  • My goal isn't to be be skinny, my goal is to be active and able to keep up with my kids. 
  • I also don't hide it from my kids that I workout out. It gives me more energy and makes me feel better and is healthy. 
What I have been up to:

I completed the new 21 Day Fix Super Block. It is a new revamp of the old 21 day fix. This one is 3 week program, 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day. Week 4 is a functional recovery week and mindset. The original 21 Day Fix was my first program I even completed and got awesome results. 

I workout in the comfort of my basement. No commute to the gym or worrying about finding sitters. My personal preference is to get a workout done first thing in the morning before anyone else is awake but life happens and that hasn't happened much lately. Anytime is better than not at all. Like yesterday I got my workout done at 430 in the afternoon then we had a later dinner. 

I have been throwing in bike workouts too. 

The weather has finally been nice and we are getting outside as much as we can. I have started going on daily walks, sometime by myself other times with this cutie. This weekend we are doing a charity 1 mile walk with the kids. (otherwise we would run the 5k)

Plan for summer:

One June 5th I am starting a new super block that is only 20 minutes a day and will be doing the workouts while on vacation. We are driving and I plan on taking one set of weights and resistance loops (shh don't tell Brian). On vacation we are always very active with walking, sight seeing, and swimming. We will be at Disney World for 3 days and usually have a minimum of 10 miles each day. 
After we get home there will be lots of family walks, time outside, jumping on the trampoline, bike rides, and being active without working out. 

What are you currently doing to stay active?

Thoughts, questions, comments?  Leave ’em below, and I’ll answer! I am always enrolling into my virtual gym community for accountability, workouts, recipes, meal plan samples, and more. 

I would love to know your very favorite way to be active?  For me, I love pilates and weight training. Cardio is not my jam but I do it anyways. 

I’ll see you tomorrow!  Happy Workout Tuesday! 

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