Birthday Wish List

 Hey loves. It's my birthday month. Who else use to celebrate the whole month as their birthday? My birthday is the end of June so I push my luck on it being for a whole month and sometimes into July too. I remember growing up whenever my birthday hit, 4h of July was a few days later than bam it felt like summer was over even though we didn't go back to school until the end of August. 

I can hardly believe that I am turning 38, I still feel like I am 21 maybe that is because I never grew up. But boy do my kids make me feel old at times. I never really ask or even expect much for my birthday but I always have a wish list in mind. Some realistic and some I'm dreaming. 

Birthday Wish List

  • A walking pad- I sit way to much, especially when I am on the computer. At the old house I use to work in the kitchen at our bar area. We don't have that area in our new house. 
  • Standing desk- along with the walking pad i need to laptop up higher too
  • Glass containers- We have a few already but I want more.
  • Lounge Chair- to lay out in the backyard and not on the ground. 
  • A patio added on to our house 
  • trip to Hawaii
  • new Pandora chair
  • new bedding
  • fan in the formal dining room
  • date night at a winery
What is currently something you are wishing for?

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  1. Happy birthday month! I try to stretch my birthday celebrations out to enjoy a full month too.


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