Last Day of School

 Hey loves. Yesterday a little after 3pm Ella hopped off her bus and a little before 4pm Austin hopped off the bus and we are officially on summer break. Anna had her last day of 3's preschool on May 24. She has asked and cried numerous times to go to school. I can promise that Ella and Austin won't be doing the same thing. 

Lets do a quick recap of the school year. 

This is where it started. 

A few Ella highlights

Ella started 5th grade. She was nervous, she only knew one girl in her homeroom and her best friends were on a different team. She made more friends, and rocked the year. 

I have the opportunity to help out at Ella's school fall festival. I was in charge of the chalk station. Ella got her face painted as one of the stations. 

Ella's 11th birthday party sleepover. With friends old and new. 

Picture day, Ella requested I straighten her hair. When did she start looking so grown up. 

Halloween party at school after hours. Ella opted to be a witch and just ran around with friends doing different activities all night. (ok really just a few hours). 

Ella is still apart of Girl Scouts in our old city. She got to go camping with her troop. 

Christmas choir concert. 

The big adventure with Ella this year was learning she has moderate permanent hearing loss in her left ear. She failed the hearing test at school is the only way we found out. She has been a trooper with all the tests and appointments and finding out her diagnosis. 

In February Ella had her first band concert. 

May all day music fundraiser. Ella started with a band concert. Where she played the trumpet then decided she wants to play the flute next year. 

Then we came back later for her choir concert. 

Ella also was a member of service club and art club. She also was in a shake and make class twice a week for 12 weeks I believe and learned to make a bunch of different fun foods that don't use an oven. 

A few Austin highlights

Picture day he looks so handsome. 

Austin tried soccer for the first time and decided this sport just wasn't for him. 

Halloween at school he dressed up as Luke Skywalker. I was able to attend his Halloween party where they played games and had a snack. His school is very strict on photography so I took no pictures. 

Austin had fun at the Christmas party.

Austin played basketball again.

This school hosted a mother son dance. He didn't dance much and none of his friends were there so we didn't stay long. 

I got the opportunity to go on a field trip with his class to the zoo. We had fun. 

Austin is playing baseball again this summer. This year is coach pitch. 

A few Audrianna highlights

Anna loves school. Her preschool was 3 days a week for 2 and a half hours a day. She asks to go every day and has cried since school is out that she wants to go back. We have opted to not send her to summer camp and she will start back up in September 3 days a week 3 hours a day in the afternoon for pre-k

Princess Cinderella for Halloween party at school. 

They did a cute Christmas concert. 

Anna with her two best friends. They are 5, 4, and 3. Anna is just short. 

A few times after school Anna went to an open gym with her friends and had so much fun. 

We are officially potty trained during the day. The last time she had an accident is when she was sick. At night she is still in a pull up. After vacation we will be working on night time training. 

I love looking back and seeing how they have changed and grown. This past year was our first full year at our new school district. My mama heart is so full and happy that we made the right choice to move. New friends, so many new opportunities, new adventures. 

Now let summer begin. We leave for vacation this afternoon, a nice long (very long) drive to Florida. Thoughts and prayers for safe travels and that no one gets car sick. 

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