Austin is 8

 Hey loves. Happy Saturday. Today I am coming in with a special post. Today is Austin's 8th birthday. How the heck is he 8 already. 

Austin is just the sweetest little man. 

  • Just finished 1st grade and going into 2nd.
  • Tried soccer in the fall and wasn't a fan.
  • Just finished coach pitch baseball. He was not ready for the season to end.
  • 48 inches tall 
  • A thrill seeker and loving roller coasters
  • Still obsessed with Star Wars
  • Best friends are Emmet and Clayton
  • wants a pet turtle
  • Is an early riser in the summer 
  • loves digging in the dirt
  • will talk your ear off when he is tired
  • Favorite food is pizza always
  • wants to learn to play chess
  • did 3 weeks of summer school to help with reading
  • doing 6 weeks of speech therapy over the summer

We are hosting a small joint birthday party for the kids today. They both have a few friends and family coming over for a cookout. 

Happy Birthday Austin. We love you so much. 

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