July Monthly Musings

 Hey loves. I may not be a fashion blogger or on top of the current trends but I enjoy doing fun link ups. I am linking up for this month's monthly musing with Patty and Holly. You're not alone if you are not a fashionista and just living mom life. 

1- Favorite Summer Outfit?

As a mom of 3 chasing after my kids what seems like all the time my go to outfit is biker shorts that have a pocket, because I need somewhere to put my phone and money and some sort of tank top. Nothing fancy. 

2- Favorite Summer Footwear?

Comfortable sandals that are also a little dressy. I have this pair in black and a similar pair in this gold color. They are so comfortable and I can chase after my kids while wearing them. And yes they are crocs but you would never know. 

3- What Summer Accessories Are You Wearing On Repeat?

I don't do much with accessories. 

4- What Do You Use For A Summer Bag?

I use either my Disney Dooney and Burke crossbody that I got over a year ago for Mother's Day or my Loungefly Disney headbands purse that I got 3 years ago. It depends on what we are doing and where we are going. On occasion I also pull out a waist purse and I just got a waist purse to wear over my shoulder. 

5- What Summer Scents Are You Wearing?

I do not wear any perfume but I do have a coconut shower gel. 

6- Maxi Dress? Romper? Jumpsuit?

Maxi dress 

7- Favorite Summer Sunglasses ?

My go to sunglasses that I wear 90% of the time are 9 years old from Disney World with Mickey Mouse jewels on the side. They don't make these any more but they fit so well. 

Around the yard I wear these LYMIA brand sunglasses that they also don't make anymore. 

8- Favorite Summer PJ's?

I asked for pajamas for my birthday and I got these. They are so soft and comfy. 

9- Do You Wear White After Labor Day?

I normally don't wear white pants after Labor Day. I use to have one pair of capris I would wear during the summer only. I don't own anything white anymore I make a mess and have kids with dirty hands. 

10- Favorite Summer Fashion Trend Right Now?

I don't have one. 

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  1. It took all my self control not to buy a Disney purse when we were in Disney last year... I had an old one and I rarely used it but I did love looking at it.

  2. How do you have sunglasses that are nine years old?!?!? How have you not lost or scratched them to pieces yet?!?! I'm so impressed!!!

  3. Those sandals are super cute. I will have to check them out!


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