Let's Look Favorite Summer Finds

 Hey loves. How is everyone's summer going? We are over here in the middle of it and I can't get into a good flow. I keep saying next week things will get back to normal and something else big shows up on our calendar. This week my dad had his second knee surgery. There have been some hiccups, I have had my niece, throw in getting Ella back from being on vacation with her dad for 12 days and today we are down to one car. (Mine is in the shop) It is never ending. Next week Ella has a stem summer camp that I volunteered to drive everyday so that throws off Brian's schedule also. Oh well we are just living it. 

Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay for New Favorite Summer Find. 

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I was trying to think of one favorite new summer find and I can't think of just one thing. Also none of the things I have come up with are huge and OMG wow either. 

Outside Fun:

While grocery shopping at Aldi I found this triple slip and slide on clearance. Part of it blows up and the rest you hook up to a hose. My kids played with it the other day and had a blast. The key was to make sure they were soaked to make it down the slide. ( similar one)

A toy that all three kids love and I dont have to help them play with, reusable water balloons. Easy enough for my youngest to put together herself and fun for all ages. Bonus no mess. 

Bug Repellent:

Mosquitos are officially out and hungry. I hate using chemical smelly bug sprays. We found that Baby Oil gel has the same effects on keeping the bugs away.  

Lets go Camping:

My kids are wanting to go camping, even if just in our backyard. My back doesn't do well sleeping on the ground away more. I am excited to use this new mattress we got for camping or even the kids sleepovers. Now it just needs to stop raining so we can go camping. 

Get Kids to Help Clean Up Their Own Mess:

This has some to do with laziness and nothing to do with buying something. My kids are messy when it comes to eating snacks. We say don't eat in the living room, but I pick and choose my battles. I have left the vacuum plugged in and sitting in the corner of the living room. When they make a mess they have to clean it up themselves. 

Let's Get Organized:

The 2023-2024 calendars and information have started arriving in my email, some in the physical mail. A new school year calendar was needed to get organized and keep up on everything. I love the layouts and size of Happy Planners

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