Weekend Wrap Up

Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had a great weekend with family time, date night for my birthday and gorgeous weather. Lets take a look back.

The last and final day of crazy car pooling for Ella's Girl Scout stem summer camp. Our morning started off with hitting the road by 815 to pick up Ella from her dads. Then we went and grabbed some donuts and waited for the rest of the girls to arrive at the library for car pooling. I drove a van load of girls to the camp. Then went to my parents house to drop of Austin and took Anna to her 4 year check up.
Anna's check up didn't go very well. She was very stubborn. She refused to take her shoes off and step on the scale. I ended up doing it for her. She weighs 28 lbs and is in the 3%. Her doctor would still like her to gain more weight. (I don't see it happening when she does eat and is very active she is just going to be small. ) Then she screamed and kept moving while trying to do blood pressure. Then she refused to do the hearing or vision screenings. Her doctor also tried having a conversation with her to hear her talk and she said 5 words and ummm a million times. I don't know I have heard her say umm as many times in her whole life as she did that appointment. She just didn't want to have it. 
After Anna's doctors I treated her to lunch at McDonalds. We went inside to a location that had a play place but you couldn't see the play place because of a wall and her leg hurt from the shots she got. I then dropped her off at my parents and headed to a little ceremony for Ella's stem camp. 

The camp that Ella did was called "Rosie's Camp". It was a hands on using power tools, think Rosie the riveter activities. The box above Ella drew up a blue print of everything. Then used a table saw to cut each piece of wood, they sanded, nailed and glued together, then painted. The top the drew their design then scanned it into a machine that "burnt" the design on. 

They used paint and a vinyl cutter also. 

Last they made a wind chime. They drew up blue prints, had to cut and sand the pipes, bend wire, etc. 
Ella received an award from Governor Sherrard Brown for attending the camp, and earned 2 Girl Scout badges. 

Afterwards I treated her to some Starbucks. Then we headed back to my parents. 

At home we had lost power again. (there was a bad storm the night before were we lost power for 4 hours but got it back before bed). We believe they were still fixing power lines is why we lost it again. As soon as it came back on we headed home and got sushi for dinner and had a relaxing night. 


We had a lazy start to our day, which I was all for. Then it was outside for the kids to ride their bikes. Anna is doing awesome with learning to ride and always wants to go for a bike ride. 

Ella was having a sleepover with her cousin and asked if I could do her hair before she left. Something she saw on youtube shorts. 

Anna and Austin had another sleepover at Grandma's. 

We finally got to go out on a date to celebrate my birthday. (Last time we had it planned I ended up sick). We originally had planned to go to a brewery in Catawba but they were having a Christmas in July event and were crazy busy with first come first sat and no one was going to be getting up any time soon so we ended up going with our second option. We went to Orchard Farm Stand. It was a neat great place. Now we had originally wanted the semi formal sit down but ended up just eating at their Bar and Farm Stand. It was still delicious. I had two of these blueberry basil margarita that were delicious. We had a shrimp appetizer and pizza for dinner. 

After we finished eating we walked around the property and ended up at one of their other bars. I got a expresso martini that was so good. This bar area was called The Coop.... 

There was a chicken coop. 

It was a cute fun place that I can see us going back to and taking the kids. There were games and cornhole around the property too. 

To end the night we drove to Port Clinton and went to a bar on the lake. We each got one of their specialty drinks and went and sat on the beach. The drinks ended up being gross. Mine was called a Mermaid and was sweet but sour but way to much sugar. 


A morning without kids means sleeping in.... I was up at 7am. Brian was still sleeping so I went downstairs and watched Sweet Magnolias without any interuption. 

Breakfast at Another Broken Egg. I like their biscuit and gravy breakfast. 

Brian got French Toast and a bloody Mary. 

After breakfast we walked around Crocker Park. Then headed to pick up Anna and Austin. We came home and they played for a while. Then Anna and I went to pick up Ella. 
Brian and Austin stayed home and Brian ended up having to completely clean our shed that had been taken over by carpenter ants and their eggs. 

After dinner more bike rides. Anna proved that she could ride the whole 1 mile loop. The only bad thing was she doesn't stop and just wants to keep going, thankfully Austin kept stopping her. Brian and I were not in running shoes.

On our walk we saw two baby deer and two mama deer. Perfect ending of the night that turned into some more very mild thunderstorms, but great for sleeping. 

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