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 Hey loves. It is hard to believe that my kids start school next week. Where did the summer go? We are partially prepared with all our back to school supplies, ideas for packing lunches, and some new clothes. 

Are you ever really 100% ready for back to school? 

 My kids are not prepared to go to bed early or wake up early. We don't have all the details of back to school bus routes, or teachers yet. (we find out teachers on Friday) Waiting patiently to tie up all the lose ends. My kids start on Wednesday so the goal is to Sunday night start the new school sleep routines and I want to set them their own alarms instead of waking them up myself. Lets see how that goes. 

They each have different version of the Echo Dot Kids. We use them for different things from an intercom system through the house, listening to music, sound machine for at night (well Austin listens to Star Wars music all night long normally). We also use them as timers for different things. Now we are going to use them as the kids alarms. I love that I can check all the alarms and add/edit alarms from the Alexa app on my phone. My kids all all have the echo glow that they use every night. I love that I can dim them so they aren't so bright and they can each pick their own color and change it whenever they want by voice command (using their Alexa echo dot). I as just reading more about it. You can set it to gradually get brighter at certain times, change colors when it is time to wake up too,  and more. 

I am over here trying to get everything organized. I am just now getting updates form the school with different things, like yesterday was new passwords. Today I got an updated events calendar for my oldest. I don't have a "no school" calendar for my youngest yet. As soon as I am getting stuff I am printing it out (if needed) storing it in the proper kids folder, and adding whatever needs added to the calendar. 


In our kitchen which was designed in the 80s and hasn't been updated yet, we have a desk (that is never used as a desk) In the cupboard attached to the desk I keep a folder for each of my children. 3 kids are 3 different schools with 3 different schedules, important pages I need, payment information (for Anna's pre-k), field trip forms etc. I have found this the best way to know where everything is. This way if someone else needs to look something up or forgot a password, etc they know where the information is without me always being the one to have to do it, or searching through my e-mail to find something. 


I have all the planners. Brian and I use google calendar that is linked together. Ella also now is linked to ours, but she can't see our calendars but we can see hers (we don't know how this happened) It works the easiest for us as we can access via our phones 24/7 and always have our phones with us. I will check to see if Brian is at a showing or in a meeting before I call him. 

I also have a paper planner from Happy Planner. This year I have Tinkerbell Classic vertical layout. (last year I had a big vertical layout planner). I like this size, even though the extra pages I have don't fit in the planner. I like a planner that is "spiral bound" that can open flat or flip over. 

The monthly view is color coded with everyone's schedules. I also include what nights Ella goes to her dads and Anna's preschool as it isn't everyday. It is very simple and no stickers, even though I have all the stickers I never use them. 

The weekly view I have separated into 3 sections. Top is my morning routine, middle is things that need done that day, and bottom is things that are going on that week. To the side I have to do list that isn't specific by day. I also started adding our dinner menu on the bottom so I know if I have to pull meat, even though the menu is on the fridge I am in the habit of forgetting. 

My favorite pens to use for the color coded is papermate flair. For every day writing I use these Disney pens. 

I have a separate calendar for my blog. I got the idea from Shay years ago. It is just a cheap calendar from the Dollar Tree. I separate each day with a normal blog post on top and if I am doing anything recipe or menu related on the bottom. 

Are you a paper calendar girl? What is your favorite calendar? 

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