Get Ready for Back to School

 Who else is excited for back to school? No I am not ready for summer to end it feels like it just started. However I am excited for new schedules getting back to routines and consistency. We have been having a fly by the seat of our pants this summer and it has been great. 

When do your kids go back to school? My two older have a little over 3 weeks, my youngest goes to a private preschool and doesn't go back until after Labor Day. I have friends who kids go back next week. I am sharing some prepping tips that I am working on doing before school starts to make our school year start off with less scary and stressful for everyone. 

  • School Supplies
School supplies can get so expensive, 12 glue sticks, 48 pencils.. then they are picky on which brand you get now. At the end of the school year we save and put aside what is still good (folders, colored pencils, locker decorations, etc.) Once you get your school supplies list see what you have at home first before you go buy more. If your state has a tax free weekend you can save money that way too. 

School supplies are cheaper and easier to find during back to school time. I also suggest buying extra of items you may need. Like glue sticks, crayons, paper, pencils. Last year I had to buy extra glue sticks 2 addition times during the year because my first grader ran out. 

  • Go Through Clothes
I swear my kids can grow two sizes over the summer. Clothes that fit in May don't fit in August. Before school starts is the perfect time to go through all your kids clothes. Get rid of clothes that no longer fit or your child won't wear. Then make a list of what clothes your child needs, be sure to include underwear and socks, gym shoes, and dress shoes. Depending on where you live you may not need new clothes until the weather starts getting colder. 
  • Daily Routines
From waking up earlier to going to bed earlier and everything in between. Determine what time your child need to wake up for school with enough time that they are not rushing out the door. What time you child needs to go to bed to get up in the morning without a fight and get enough much needed sleep. What your families routines are for after school (empty book bags first and do homework, or go play then do homework at dinner etc) 
  • Meal Prep 
Come up with ideas for the kids lunches if they are packing and/or what days they plan on buying. Plan breakfasts also. Dinners the first week we try to keep it simple. Crockpot recipes are always a favorite for easy meals. 

  • Prep Your House
I'm sure you have heard this but what does it really mean to prep you house? Especially if your kids are going to school and not being homeschooled. Prepping your house will make your days run smoother (hopefully). 

  1. Have supplies for a homework station (pencils, glue sticks, crayons, etc.)
  2. Command center with everyone's schedules, drop area for papers, and extra supplies. We have a desk in our kitchen that is our command center. (it also has our charging station where the kids will also charge their tablets. 

  • Back to School Traditions
Take a look / remember what your back to school traditions are. Do you take photos with a photo board or printed year paper? Why not get those ready early (instead of rushing to do it the morning of school before the bus comes) 

If this is your child's first year in school we love different books that deal with stating Kindergarten to help your child prepare for their first day. 

  • Lunches
I know your probably reading this like what? What do you mean lunches. I am famous for getting in the rut with school lunches and making my kids the same thing day after day. We have started coming up with ideas and testing them out. (such as they want chicken nuggets but will they still taste good in the lunch box after a few hours) 

Also if this is your child's first year going to school and having a lunch. It is always a great idea to start packing lunches at home and see if they are able to do it all themselves. Can they put the straw in their drink, open their chips/fruit snacks, open the lunch box itself, open the applesauce etc. Yes most schools have helpers but they are helping a lot of kids and that cuts down on the time your child has to eat if they are waiting for something to be opened. 

  • Haircuts
Get it done early. Everyone has the same idea the last few days before school starts to get their kids back to school haircuts and salons are busy and some already booked. It is still a back to school haircut 2 weeks or more before. 

What do you do to get ready for back to school to make your families life a little easier? 

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