Amazon Lately- August Edition

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 Hey loves. Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day. I hope you are enjoying your day, relaxing, and having a cookout. We had our family cookout yesterday so today it low key at home and getting things done for the week ahead. 

Today I am linking up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road Prime Purchases. Lets see what I ordered:

Why are goldfish so addicting to kids? I swear my kids could live off them if I let them. None of the other brands compare either. This is why we get boxes auto shipped. Also it is an approved snack for Austin's school. He has snack at 11 because his lunch time isn't until 1pm, that is late for a 8 year old. 

The Ball book of Canning has been recommended by so many people. I was not a fan of the recipes and ending up returning it. 

Yes I make sourdough but I am now venturing into more recipes that call for instant yeast.

Ella loves cherries, I don't love the mess when she eats them and spits out the seed. This cherry pitter works great and doesn't make a mess. 

The streamers on Anna's bike that she got a little over a month ago have all ripped off, partially from falling. I bought her new streamers but haven't put them on yet. 

I broke my professional haircutting trimmers and needed a new pair. I went with these Wahl at home trimmers to use. (when/if I go back to the salon I will get quality trimmers that will hold up to doing 10+ haircuts a day) I have used these a few times at home already and they are just a good. They are cutting close and not crazy loud. 

Halloween Croc charms Ella wears crocs to school and I thought these would be fun. She already put them on. (I have no idea what the chains are for). 

Austin asked for a new water bottle that fits in a cup holder. This is the same water bottle that Ella has but in a different color. 

Love is the Point 100 day devotional by Alexa and Carlos Penavega. I started it on the 1st and am loving it so far. 

Mira The Royal Detective book- Anna loves this show and asked for a book. I am never going to say no to reading. 

Bike bells for Anna and Austin. They both got different bells for their bikes for their birthdays and they both broke. We are trying these. 

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  1. I love your monthly goldfish restock. My kids used to love them too! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. I have the same cherry pitter and love it. Oh my goodness, bike bells bring back some fond memories!

    1. my kids love the bells. there is no wondering where they are they are always ringing the bells


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