First Day of Pre-K

 Hey loves. How is your week going? Are your kids back to school?  All 3 kids are back to school. Yesterday Anna started pre-k. She was so excited to go. 

Anna goes to pre-k 3 days a week for 3 hours. When we enrolled her I didn't think about the time frame very much. I get about an hour and a half to myself before Ella comes home from school. The big hiccup we have is that Austin's bus comes at the same time that I need to be picking up Anna. Right now the plan is for Ella to get her brother off the bus but we don't want that to stop her from joining any after school activities. When she does we will have to figure that out then. 

On Tuesday Anna had orientation to meet her teachers and the rules. I have sent all 3 kids to this school and the rules and how things run have not changed at all. It is not mandatory to go but I like to go and meet the teachers and get Anna comfortable with going again. Her teacher from last year is one of the teachers in her new classroom this year. We did not recognize any of the kids in her class. I am sure she will make new friends. 

When I was dropping off Anna was nervous but she went into the classroom with no issues. When I picked her up she was so chatty and made a friend. 

First Day of School Interview:

I am 4 years old.

My favorites:
color- pink
breakfast- cereal
lunch- chicken fries
dinner- mac and cheese
snack- goldfish
Tv Show- Mira Royal Detective
Movie- Frozen 2
Toy/Activity- Barbies
Thing I did this summer- play with friends and Disney World
When I grow up I want to be- Princess
I'm really good at- riding my bike
I want to get better at-  learning
i am excited for school because I want to make new friends. 

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