Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. How was your weekend? Overall we had a good weekend. It didn't go as planned 100%, it felt like wonderful fall with weird rain that is no where in the 

Friday Night

Friday night did not go as planned. Originally it was suppose to be adult girls night at my house watching the new The Little Mermaid, and making sourdough pizza. Two of my girlfriends backed out, one for car troubles. So I decided to reschedule it. The boys were going to watch the local football game and dinner at a local diner. 
Anna and I stayed home which ended up being a good thing. She ended up having a belly ache and getting sick 3 times between 6 and 10. No other symptoms just the belly ache. I took care of my princess, washed the couch and floor and my bed... you know the fun parts of Motherhood. It was a long evening she finally was asleep by 1130. 


Saturday morning Anna woke up and said I feel better, I'm hungry. We started her on dry cereal and she was fine. I took a shower then we headed out. We grabbed bagels from Cockys. Then coffee from Bigby's. 

I got a pumpkin cold brew with cold foam. I much prefer Dunkin or Starbucks cold brew, also the cold foam was so thick and never mixed in. 

We went to two different Farmers Markets. The first one is where I pick up my CSA. I am excited for local honey. We also got hummus and cookies from other vendors. At the second farmers market it was just me and the kids and we met my girlfriend and her kids. We ended up with donuts and lemonade. 

The main event of the weekend was celebrating GiGi turning 2, which is our neighbor. The kids played and behaved or the most part. 

Then there were stamp pads and kids being impatient about sharing the stampers and using their fingers instead. Thankfully it washes off pretty easy. 

It was a fun birthday and a first. I have never been to a kids birthday party where there was a margarita station. Between everyone at the party we drank those 2 huge blue bottles of tequila. 


Sunday morning was a little rough. We didn't have a hangover with the headache per say. I was told because to was the top shelf liquor is why we didn't have the headache. It was just the quesy upset stomach feeling. You would think we were college kids. I won't be drinking like that for a long while. 

While waiting for Brian to make breakfast we had our deer fridges in the woods and in the backyard. There were 7 of them. 

Delicious breakfast of sausage, hash browns, and a veggie omlete. 

Anna got a mosquito bite on her face and wanted a picture. She says they are called "potato bites" 

My new wellness box arrived and the kids were eager to open it. I got some cleaning products, bug spray, lotion, make-up, and a few snacks. They were not impressed. I can't wait to try it all out. 

The rest of the day I did some cleaning, and preparing for the week ahead. Brian watched the Browns game at his brothers and the kids and I stayed home. The weather was also very weird and cloudy, gloomy, sprinkling on and off, true fall weather. 

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