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 Hey loves. How is life? Honestly how are you doing? I personally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and excited for what the future holds with new adventures (more on that further down). I am already over this cold weather too. Last week we had a high of 87, this morning the feels like low was 37. This quick change of weather has us all fighting colds/allergies. I look back at last year and it was the same thing. 

Today I am sharing a mish mash of life lately, a little weekend recap, and updates. Today is also the start of Amazon Prime Days. I will be sharing some finds over on my Instagram stories. **TIP this is a great time to start Christmas shopping (Christmas is in 76 days) and/or come up with ideas for the holidays. I sometimes get ideas from looking at Amazon Stores of what others have bought too.

Weekend Recap

My parents stopped by on Friday and surprised Anna with a book and 3 card games. She is on a reading kick again and loves this new Minnie Mouse book. The card games are a matching game, go fish, and hearts. We have not played the hearts game yet but she loves playing the other two, multiple times a day. 

Speaking of reading I caught Anna and Austin reading together, notice all the dolls lined up on the pillows that Anna is reading to. 

Friday night we usually do take out. Brian went to the Ohio State Football game with his brother and the neighbor so it was just the kids and myself for the night. (the game was Saturday early so they went down Friday night). I picked up these cute Halloween themed pizza's from Aldi's. They were good, I took the eyes off the ghost because they were olives and I don't like olives. 

Saturday was a cold crappy rainy on and off day. We picked up our last produce from CSA for the year, decided not to take Anna to soccer because she wasn't feeling well and it was cold and raining. I made an updated version of Tomato Sausage Tortellini soup in the slow cooker. We spent the day at home the kids just relaxing and the kids playing. 

Brian had fun at the Ohio State football game. He got home at 8pm with barely a voice and ready for bed. 

We have been welcomed as members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We have been attending for maybe 6 months, if not longer. The kids go to the nursery but come out for the children's service and the kids to get to sing and play music at the end of the service. After the service they attend Sunday school. 

My girlfriend talked us into going to the pumpkin patch after church. It was a bit of a drive but the place was cute and dead. They found this tractor to ride, the look of determination. 

The girls favorite part was playing in the soy beans pit. Austin favorite part was the small maze that had a steep slide to go down. 

We went on a hay ride to pick pumpkins from the field. 

Anna picked a cute green pumpkin (we already have carving pumpkins. )

Life Lately


  • Ella is 12. She had a Taylor Swift birthday party that I guess they are still talking about at school. 
  • Ella is trying a 4 week volleyball game. Hopefully she enjoys it and wants to continue a lot of her friends play volleyball.
  • Ella has signed up for service club (focus on doing activities with a local senior living), and student council. 

  • It has taken some time for Anna to adjust to being in an afternoon pre-k and without her best friend, but now she is loving it and excited for everyday. 
  • Anna went to one soccer practice, (one we were out of town, another one she was sick). It did not go to well, but she loves to kick the ball at home. 
  • This year has been the hardest with the older kids going back to school. Anna wants a playmate all day everyday. This has made it hard for me to get much done during the day. 


  • This boy loves to play with his friends. Every day after school and on weekends he is asking to play with numerous kids in the neighborhood. 
  • Austin is on the struggle bus with learning to read and his speech. I know it all goes hand in hand. He works with a reading coach and a speech specialist numerous times a week, plus we work with him at home. It hurts for this mama heart that he is trying so hard and struggling.
  • Austin is excited to play basketball again this year. He keeps asking when we it starts. I think not until the end of November, beginning of December.  


  • When is he not working, he is working at home. Redoing our flower beds, which has turned into more work than ever anticipated.
  • Brian has been waking up 2-3 mornings a week to go workout at the gym with his brother. I give him credit for following through with it. 
  • I have taken a step back from running a health and wellness business. What started off as a way to help other women has turned into more stress on me to "be perfect" and thrive for the "perfect body" Since taking a step back I don't feel the pressure to workout and record and post on social media. 
  • I have been focusing on my "me time" I started a new devotional last month that I am enjoying and really makes me think. It is called Love is the Point. This is the first devotional that I have done that you read and answer questions. 
  • Along with that the Bible Recap started the New Testament. I previously had been listening to the bible verses while I drive or was doing something else. I switched it up and I am reading along in the bible while listening to the verses. Then I am watching the Bible Recap on youtube, and doing a little journaling. I am 10 days in kinda, it doesn't always happen on the weekend but I do catch up. 
Thanks for catching up with me and my family. What is new with you?

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