Weekend Wrap Up

 Hey loves. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had a family and friend filled weekend that went by way to quick. I am excited my kids only have a 4 day week then we are heading to the farm for some relaxing and hopefully beautiful views. I can't wait to share all about it. 


Friday was an early morning. I was out of the house at 530am to go pick up Ella from her dads house. (I know not the best arrangement) It was Ella's picture day and she wanted her hair straightened. After school on Thursday I washed her hair with her leaning over the tub, then dried it with the round blow dry brush. On Friday morning I was able to do a quick run through with the straightening iron, and yes lots of products. 

Anna getting ready for school, look her hair is in a pony tail, because she had jelly dried in her hair that needed washed out and I wasn't able to brush it out without her screaming so we hid it in a pony. 

While Anna was in school I did two marketplace pick ups for Christmas gifts and finished two throw pillows I made. 

After school Anna requested her picture taken with Minnie and Mickey that is outside her school. 

The last part of Ella's birthday celebration. I treated Ella and a friend of her choice to dinner, they picked the cheesecake factory. Then we did a quick little window shopping. 

The big part of the night was seeing the Taylor Swift Era's tour movie. 

All the kids in the theatre (and some adults) treated the movie like a real concert, standing up, singing, screaming, dancing, jumping up and down, etc. They had a blast, they were sweaty and had no voices when they were done. 

I may not be a huge Swifty but she did put on a good concert. I will say though for the price of the real tickets I would not see realistic because her stage is so huge and she is all over the place it would be like watching an ant on stage. 


Anna had a cold soccer morning. This was only her 2nd practice out of 6 that she was able to attend. (the last practice is next week but we won't be there). 

Compared to the first one she laid in the grass and didn't really practice, she did really good. 

It was a family affair even Taylor Swift made it out. 

It was a cold one and we were not prepared. 

I thankfully had some gloves and headbands in the van. Oh it was also a muddy mess. Anna had mud all over her face and clothes. Austin even had it on his clothes from running around. 

After soccer Ella had a little Halloween party with no Halloween. She had 3 friends show up, none of which were in costumes, there was nothing Halloween themed. In reality they had pizza and hung out. 

They did end up playing with Anna a bunch too. 

Such a rough life of soccer and playing with the big girls that she needed a nap. She also woke up before 6am and dragged Brian out of bed. 

Sourdough soup bowls with loaded broccoli potato soup. Ella liked it that she had two bowls of soup. 

We ended the night with a Hocus Pocus movie night, a fire, and some Witches Brew wine. Anna and Austin didn't want to watch the movie so they played upstairs nicely together. 

After the movie I said it was bedtime. A little later Brian send me this picture. This would be them avoiding going to bed. 


Sunday morning we all went to church, even Ella. It was a very loud long service. Our normal pastor was on vacation and the pastor who was preaching for the day went over his time and was very dry. The nursery attendant was also not there and all the kids that normally go there (which includes my two younger kids) were in back of the church being loud. Thankfully the doors were kept closed so they didn't interrupt everyone else. 

After church my girlfriend and her daughters came over to play for a while. 

Austin even made a little girlfriend for a bit. Sophia likes to watch him play Roblox.

The rest of the day we stayed home and rested. Brian watched the Cleveland Browns game at home and made homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner. (I had leftovers planned and he didn't agree to it). Anna and Austin played and Ella was cleaning and organizing her crafts. 

We had a wonderful weekend. Now lets make it a great week. 
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  1. It was the same experience for us at the movie- like a real concert- so fun! Looks like another wonderful fall weekend :)

  2. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I love that your daughter picked the Cheesecake Factory (that is often my pick too!).

  3. Busy weekend! I've seen several posts about the Taylor Swift concert at the theater, a much more budget-friendly way for teenagers to have fun. I have to agree that the actual concert tickets are unbelievably expensive and the venue is usually so huge that she is like an ant down there on stage. The giant screens help somewhat but I think the theater option is a great alternative.


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