North Pole Breakfast and Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Hey loves. Happy Monday. I didn't mean to disappear last week. Getting everything done before hosting Thanksgiving became a lot more stressful and work that I ever anticipated. I would NEVER recommend remodeling before hosting. I am very thankful it is done for the time being until after the new year. (there is still some touch-ups, baseboards, and a few odds and ends we want to fix) 
Its Monday and we are back to reality, back to life, back to work, back to school. But throw in a sick kiddo to the mix. It wouldn't be a holiday without at least one person getting sick. 

Before Thanksgiving

The Monday before Thanksgiving was the only day that Ella and Austin had school for the week. Yes one day is crazy to go. Tuesday the high schoolers still had to go, for the younger kids it was conferences during the day. I was able to volunteer to help in Austin's school for some fun Thanksgiving activities. I was in charge of the build a fort to protect your turkey from being eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. They had different blocks, cubes, jenga blocks, etc to build their fort. The kids had more fun just playing with blocks compared to doing the actual assignment, but that teacher was ok with that. 

Monday evening we had Austin's conference with his teacher. Overall he had a good report, nothing we didn't know about. He is still struggling with his speech and reading which we are all working on. 

Tuesday and Wednesday the kids played together and got along for the most part.

They brought out board games, played xbox, played school, and were typical kids. It was wonderful. It gave Brian and me the opportunity to get things done around the house without them in the way.

A few nights over break Austin slept in Anna's bed with her. It was wonderful, she didn't wake up in the middle of the night wanting her mommy so I got sleep. 

North Pole Breakfast

Gus Gus our elf on the shelf arrived on Thanksgiving morning with his special North Pole Breakfast. 

Powered donuts with chocolate chip eyes turned into snowmen are the kids favorite. They also fought over the strawberry and banana candy cane, good thing Gus Gus left more in the fridge. 

Hot chocolate bombs, were an opps that the kids thought were just chocolate and just ate. They loved the marshmallow surprise in the middle. 

This years gift were cute rubber duckies and squishes. (Target Dollar Spot)

This year I decided to get some help with adventures of Gus Gus. I bought last years box on sale from The Elf Kit co. There are so many cute ideas. The plan is to mix originals and the kit. 

Thanksgiving Day

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the parade playing in the background. I hate to admit that my kids only watched for a few minutes then were off playing. I remember sitting with excitement and watching the whole parade and going through the newspaper ads as a kid. (Newspaper ads are not a thing unless you want tools) 

Coffee with collagen and a snowflake marshmallow that Anna added that Gus Gus brought. 

Let me introduce you to Frank, he is the plump squirrel sitting on the back of the couch outside. We also had a random bluebird stealing the peanuts I put out for the squirrel. 

Family picture before Ella went to Dads. 

Dinner is served. Turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce (from Trader Joes), broccoli casserole, mash potatoes, sweet potato casserole, ...

Sourdough Stuffing with sausage, mac and cheese, ...

Sour dough rolls, and sourdough meatless stuffing. Everything was so good. 

Dessert time= pistachio cake, maple cream pie, pumpkin pie, caramel apple pie, and chocolate silk pie. 

Overall we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There was no drama, lots of laughter, memories shared, no one let hungry, they stayed a lot longer than expected (but were welcomed to), and they helped clean up. After last years accident with Brian's dad, and some other issues. It was a much needed smooth holiday. 

After Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving my kids smashed two pumpkins and we put out corn for the deer to hopefully show up while everyone was there. It didn't happen. They came Friday afternoon and were very happy with their meal.

Friday we pulled out all the Christmas decorations and started decorating.  As soon as we were ready to do the tree Anna was asleep. I surprised her with her room done when she woke up. 

I also saved some on our Disney tree for her to help with. 

As you can see she put all the white stars, snowflakes, and icicles in the same spot, I will eventually spread them out. 

After decorating for the most part we ran to a few stores for things we needed (more lights, a tree skirt, two tree toppers, etc). We also ended up at Target buying a new vacuum for our hardwood floors. Anna was tired and laid down on the bottom of the cart. 

A little sneak peak of our living room with the new floors, walls painted (no more wallpaper) and the tree up. On Saturday we were suppose to be hosting brunch and friends over for the Ohio State Football game, but Anna woke up sick. She has a horse dry cough and ended up getting a fever later in the day. Her and I spent the day at home relaxing, cuddling, reading, and watching Christmas movies. 

Saturday into Sunday was a rough night for Anna. We didn't sleep much and she had a fever on and off. Sunday we declared a lazy day with cuddles, tv time, soup, and catching up on a few things around the house (like laundry and dishes). 

How was your Thanksgiving ?
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  1. So much festive fun! You are making me want to do a North Pole breakfast :)

  2. Your North Pole breakfast looks so fun!!! I hope Anna feels better soon.


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