Amazon Lately- December 2023

 Hey friends. I looked back at my shopping on Amazon last month and oh my did I buy more than I thought and spent way more money than I needed. From Christmas shopping (which some did save me money based on comparing prices in stores) to last minute buys we needed for vacation. I am linking up with Tanya over at The Other Side of the Road Prime Purchases. Lets see what I ordered:

Mascara- I honestly only bought it because I needed an item over $4 to get free same day shipping. It will get used by Ella. 

Travel Suitcase- Brian needed a travel bookbag. The kids and myself all got new ones for Christmas. Brian let someone borrow his bookbag to and forgot he didn't have anything to use on the airplane. Reviews were good, and came quick. 

123 3 volt batteries- I didn't even know these were a thing until we needed to replace batteries on part of our alarm system. 

Leap Smart Books- Anna got a Leap Smart book reader for Christmas but it only came with one book. I grabbed her some more on lightening deal to have for vacation. 

Headphones- my old headphones are not staying charged 

Sponges- We get on subscribe and save. Each week I replace our sponge. (sometimes more often if the sourdough gets caked on the sponge)

Book Light- Christmas gift for Austin. He has been using it every night. 

Ipad Screen Protector- The kids cracked their screen protector 

Luggage Tags- Used for surprising the kids that we are taking an airplane on vacation. Also put on each persons carry on bags. 

Fire Stick- One of our old ones stopped connecting to the internet. 

Simple Modern Coffee Tumbler- Christmas gift. 

Crank Music Box- Christmas gift 

The Bible Recap Study Guide- Last year I read the Bible in a year with the Bible recap. This year I am diving deeper and using the study guide.

Ice Scoop- With hosting so many events we were just using a spoon or cup to get ice. This scoop is gorgeous and works better. 

Taylor Swift stickers- Christmas gift

Lego Horse Stable- Christmas gift

Lego Disney Camper- Christmas gift

Lego Turtle van- Christmas gift

Kids Golf Clubs- Christmas gift

Birdie safety alarm- Christmas gift

Slow Cooker Liners- I don't use my slow cooker anymore without a liner. Makes clean up so much easier

Dry Erase Markers- Teachers gift

True Grapefruit - Brian adds to his water every day

Truth Unchanging- New devotional

Barbie Baby Doctor- Christmas gift

Computer paper- Anna loves to draw and goes throw so much paper. This is the best deal I have found. 

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  1. One of our fire sticks has been so glitchy lately. Maybe it's time for a new one. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya


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