Word of the Year 2024

 Hey friends. Happy 2024. Hope you had a wonderful, happy, healthy, and safe New Year. We are starting off 2024 on vacation, something we have never done before. Enjoying relaxing, and finding some fun along the way.

Like many people I am also reflecting on the past year and thinking about the new year and wanting to be intentional and focused when I get back from vacation. Before we left I prepared some for a new year and working towards goals that I have made for myself.

  •  Cleaned out the fridge, threw away all the left over cookies, and started my grocery list and menu for the week we get home.
  •  Bought a new planner to focus on my health and wellness. I know a new planner isn't going to change my life but I like the idea of being organized and having somewhere specific to write things down. 
  • Along with a health and wellness planner I also committed to a new workout routine for 60 days with an amazing group of women that has nothing to do with my former MLM and diet culture. 
  • Bought the Bible recap study guide to read the Bible again in a year and dive a little deeper into the understanding. 
  • Made my intentions for the month
When I look back at previous years that I picked a word of the year I felt more connected and less scattered all over. I have a main intention/focus for the year. My previous words
  • 2021- Joy
  • 2022- More
  • 2023- didn't pick a work
2024 - Intentional

What does being Intentional mean to me?
  • intentional time with my kids
  • intentional time with Brian
  • intentional time working on my blog
  • intentional time working Brian's social media for real estate
  • intentional time working for me
  • intentional time diving into understanding the Bible
  • be intentional of items I keep in my home
  • be intentional of who I hang out with
  • intentional on my spending and saving
  • intentional on moving my body 
  • intentional on what I put in my body from vitamins to food
  • intentional on toxic items in my house
I will be diving deeper into my being intentional and what exactly I am doing and how it is going so far.. 

Did you pick a word for 2022?

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